Buying A House In Saigon Ease Of Difficult?

More and more people immigrate to Ho Chi Minh City, so the demand for housing ownership of the people increasingly.However, the city land fund is increasingly limited and housing prices are quite high. The question of buying houses in Saigon has long been questioned by the people: How much does the Sai Gon house cost? Where to buy is appropriate? How much money is to buy a house…?

How much does the Saigon house cost?

The question of buying a house in Saigon is easy or hard to find in the value of the home that the buyer wants to own. The country’s largest metropolitan home has a wide variety of prices, there are luxury apartments cost several billion but also apartments less than one

For most of the immigrants or housing investment to make a profit, the price of apartments fluctuating in about 1 billion is easy to buy and easy to sell. However, the apartments in this segment are scarce while demand is very high.

buy apartment in Saigon

Apartments with a price of about 1 billion are in high demand.

Looking at some projects can see some apartments with the price only around 1 billion as Marina Tower in North Saigon, Smart apartment on Sai Gon riverside in Sai Gon South. These projects are about $43 thousand but invested carefully, equipped with many utilities, with many accessories, the cost of interior investment should be reduced.

For example, with the Saigon Intela Smart Apartments invested and developed by LDG Group, this unit offers customer smart bedroom with wardrobe and cell wall with pull door system. In addition to this, customers are also offered smart electric system, fingerprint door automatic combination…

Just 13000$ have houses

If you have previously bought a home, you have to have money available, and the buyer must accumulate the money for many years. However, when the money is enough, house prices have risen and are difficult to buy. Therefore, when deploying projects, investors often associate with banks to help homebuyers borrow in the long term.

buy apartment in Saigon

With the support of banks, people want to own apartments in Saigon just about 30% of the value of apartments expected to buy.

Currently, most home buyers only need about 30% of the value of the apartment expected to be able to own a house. The remaining money will replace the buyer’s home payment to the investor. Home buyers will pay back principal and interest over the years for the bank based on income.

Even recently, LDG Group also announced that customers who own smart apartments Saigon Intela will be supported preferential loans from 15 to 20 years and the salary from only 180$ per month can already own apartment in this project.

Realize the dream of buying house easily with Saigon Intela

Targeted on the needs of immigrants who want to buy a home and to realize the dream of owning a “house in Saigon”, LDG Group is a real estate developer focused on real estate needs with a range of value-for-money products but always ensure the luxury.

Moreover, recently, LDG Group has been pioneering the market of new housing trend with smart apartment model. The apartments are smartly operated thanks to the built-in electromechanical system when handed over to customers and smartly furnished interiors. In addition, this project is managed by specialized software to operate such as: Parking management by automatic positioning system, equipped with sensors to measure emissions and the environment, security control and lighting system by specialized software, connects residents via their own social network and pays for shopping at the commercial center of the apartment using the integrated electronic wallet.

buy apartment in Saigon

Intelligent apartment on the bank of Saigon River at the price of nearly 1 billion per unit.

Although the unit price offered to this market is only 43000$/unit but the facilities and equipment handed over to customers are very classy such as: overflowing pool overlooking the river, amusement park, World Fair Park 2200sqm wide,  park for family activities, riverside park… In particular, two basements interconnecting and magnetic card integration into the elevator combined with the use of utility control to ensure the security of the apartment.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vy Liem – Deputy General Director of LDG Group shared: “We can assert that customers will find it difficult to find apartments with a price of 1 billion per unit but equipped with furniture, quality materials and other advanced facilities such as Saigon Intela. This will definitely be a different apartment on the market and not comparable to the same price, the same segment”.

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