Buying A Project Housing, Keep In Mind In 5 Notes

To avoid the risk of buying a home, buyers need to be very careful and pay close attention to what Vietnam real estate will list below:

Note the first when buying a project housing: Time to hand over the apartment

Home purchase contracts are often tightly bound to the customer’s payment obligations. For example, customers have to pay according to the progress of apartment building: When signing contracts, how much to pay? When the investor finishes building the rough and when receiving the apartment, how much to pay … However, many investors today do not specify the time of handing over specific apartments. Many contracts only mention “estimated time of construction”, “total construction time”.

Buying house

Buyers should prioritize projects with specific handover time

In order not to be deliberately dragged into the project by the borrower, the buyer should ask the owner to clarify the expected time of delivery.

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Second note when buying a home project: Interest late home delivery

As noted by many real estate experts, the buyer of the project must ask the owner to write in the interest penalty contract when the house is late. How long is interest paid? If the investor still fails to hand over the house, how much will the investor pay a penalty on the value of the contract?

Third note when buying a home project: Design a building

Aside from location, customers who purchase a project house should also consider the overall design of the building, see how the building’s structure will affect its life. In particular, it should pay attention to garbage, garbage collection. In many cases, the investor design the garbage area beside the elevator, the rubbish from the top down to the basement. When the residents are waiting for the ladder in the basement, they must smell the unpleasant smell. The garbage of each floor too close to the doors of some apartments can also be offensive.

buying house

Pay close attention to the design of the building when buying a property

In the parking area, the investor normally builds basements for each household to send two motorbikes, and four houses have a parking space. Customers should carefully consider the project, the area of the car corresponding to the size, the number of apartments or not, the contract says the number of cars for each apartment or not … Remember after the apartment is brought If the number of cars increases, causing cramped parking, then the residents cannot solve and can not do anything to the owner.

Note the fourth when buying a project: How to calculate the area of the apartment

Calculation of apartment area is also one of the contents of the dispute between the two parties. There are many ways to calculate from the heart of the wall, counting the envelope, calculate the heart, including the column, the box gene … If customers do not ask the investor to clarify this issue, Customers are difficult to catch the temple if the area is not enough. In fact, there are cases where the customer “sued” the house too small, the investor preserves the agreement area consists of two parts, the area of the house and the area for cars in the basement.

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Note Fifth when buying a project home: Obligation after buying a project home

Customers also need to pay attention to the provisions on tax obligations, the obligation to make application for certification of apartments. There have been cases where the investor pushed the customer to make the application file with the real estate transaction floor.

buying house

You need to pay attention to your obligations and rights after buying a property

Some other note to know when buying a project home

  • Official letters and papers exchanged between investors and purchasers must request the investors to affix seals and sign for certification.
  • When paying in accordance with a schedule, it is necessary to limit the payment directly to the investor, but choose the payment through the bank and keep the invoice (if lost, the bank can still provide confirmation of payment).
  • The contract of sale and the supplementary contract must be kept in the event of a lawsuit.

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