Buying Apartment: The House Is Finished, But The Road Must Wait For 6 More Months

After 2 years of construction, the apartment project has completed all the items on schedule, just waiting for residents to move to live.

However, the entanglement of the entrance to the project has caused some difficulties for the residents here.The housing investment project for officials of the Supreme People’s Procuracy (SPP), also known as the Ecolife project in the Tay Ho Tay urban area, Xuan La ward, Tay Ho district, Hanoi is the project invested by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Capital Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company to address the housing needs of the SPP.

In relation to this project, as Dan Tri reported earlier, up to now, after nearly 2 years of construction, the whole project has been completed. From items such as fire protection, power supply, water supply, transport systems, works connected to the surrounding area to the landscaped areas serving the well-being of residents have been perfected and put to use.

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The only entrance of the project is the dirt road running from Vo Chi Cong street.

However, what is worth mentioning, at present, is that the only entrance of the project is the dirt road from Vo Chi Cong street. The quality of this road is very low, which has a lot of impact on residents’ activities such as: no barrier, no lights, full of pot-holes and what is more dangerous is traveling with a series of vehicles that are in and out all day and night of construction works around this area.In addition to the residents at Ecolife in Tay Ho, this road is also the only access road to some of the works being implemented internally such as the resettlement project, the new headquarters of a ministry, housing projects for officers and employees of the National Defense College, Bac Ha project,…

Talking to the press on the afternoon of March 23rd, Mr. Le Tien – Vice Chairman of Xuan La People’s Committee said that in fact, through Ecolife project in Tay Ho there are two roads: route no.1 is extended Nguyen Van Huyen and route A1 under the frame of the Starlake Tay Ho Tay project. On the relation to this route, there is 4 project, including Xuan La 2 Resettlement Area, Tay Ho Ecolife Resettlement Area, the housing project for officers and men of C44, C51 Bac Ha of the Ministry of Defence.

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The quality of the road is very low, it has to go with the construction vehicles.

“There are 2 projects that have come into existence but are in the process of synchronizing the infrastructure. Route 1 Nguyen Van Huyen has not yet completed causing problems for the residents of the house as well as causing more nuisance in the process to operate” Mr. Tien said.Mr. Tien said that the local government has grasped the situation through a reflection of residents and public opinion and admitted: “besides the project precinct, the problem of roads is the responsibility of state management agencies.”However, leaders of Xuan La Ward also said that solving problems of the way for residents now have problems related to land clearance. Specifically, from July 1st, 2014 back-dated, land clearance is deployed under the Land Law 2013 amended from July 1st, 2014, then according to the law of 2013, Decree 43, 47 and coming up on March 3rd, 2017 according to Decree 01 amended and supplemented Decree 43, 47.“The policy of compensation of the State changes in the direction of reducing so the consensus of people is not high.” he said.However, Mr. Tien also stated: “As planned, we are proposing coordination to accelerate the clearance work completed in June and ask to build where space is, to ensure we have a road in September. We want the 40m route to be completed, with one lane for residents to use stable, one lane for transport.”

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