Buying Apartments In District 4 Are Hot

In the last months of the year, the property in District 4 always took the lead position in terms of song making the demand for housing in District 4 increased sharply.

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Although located near the district 1 – economic center of Ho Chi Minh City, in the past, District 4 was not paid much attention because of the small area, surrounded by rivers and streams that made the area into her state. and almost a few people intend to buy apartments in district 4. But that is the story of many years ago, now in District 4 has become the golden triangle of the city named Uncle, the heart of many big and small property projects are also targets of many investors.

Factors to help property in District 4 become the focus

Surely many will wonder, a peninsula just 4 sqkm – less than half of Tan Son Nhat airport, isolated economically how can you change so suddenly? Is buying a home in District 4. This time is true or not?

District 4 apartment

The natural conditions surrounding many rivers have made District 4 be  isolated

Great role from traffic system

As said, district 4 is like a peninsula divided with the surrounding area by the surrounding river system, so if you buy apartments in District 4, people will have many difficulties in moving. But since the two large bridges are Thu Thiem Bridge connecting District 2, Nguyen Khoai Bridge connecting District 4 and District 7 was inaugurated, the face of District 4 has changed completely and can catch up with the general economic development of the whole city.

A series of large and small projects are sprouting up

The heat of apartments in District 4 in particular and property in District 4, in general, cannot mention a series of projects belonging to all segments are under construction, which occupies the largest proportion is the segment of apartment V.I.P.

The most notable example is Ben Van Don Street with many projects worthy of interest such as The Tresor with over 6,000 sqm area, Icon 56 Tower with the area of over 2,000 sqm, Grand Riverside with more than 2.3000 sqm, and especially The Gold View area up to 23,000 sqm. All these housing projects have contributed to creating a very exciting atmosphere for District 4 property.

District 4 apartment

A series of large and small property projects have sprung up in District 4

The information district 4 will be merged into District 1

Recently, deputy director of the Department of Home Affairs – Mr. Do Van Dao has proposed to merge District 4 into District 1 because the area of this district is quite small, while the administrative bureaucracy is cumbersome, causing rumors in District 4 will become District 1 in the future to rise strongly. Although Mr. Vo Van Hoan, Chief of the Office, spokesperson of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City confirmed that this is not the opinion of the Department of Home Affairs and the current situation cannot be merged but this rumor still makes The demand for housing in District 4 increased dramatically.

Buy apartments quickly in District 4 before too late

Currently, the price of many apartments in District 4 has reached 50-70 million/sqm because most are high-end projects, to find cheap apartments probably only count on the finger, even houses the price of 2 billion is also rare. Moreover, the land fund of district 4 is very narrow, now investing so loudly will be very quickly exhausted.

You can view more listings of projects being sold in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City: Apartments for sale in district 4

District 4 apartment

Apartment prices in District 4 increased but still expensive

Given the current lack of demand, the purchase price of district 4 is expected to continue to rise strongly, the even potential danger of housing bubble. The land of District 4 now accurately reflects the “land, gold” that our grandparents often say.

Regarding the merger of District 4 in District 1, although it is far away, if it becomes a reality, District 4 apartments will no longer be a little gold but will be extremely expensive diamonds… So if you intend to buy a house in District 4, make a decision right before it is too late.

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