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Buying Gem Riverside apartment with extremely flexible payment methods

The Gem Riverside project is located in the South Rach Chiec

Gem Riverside Residence is a prominent project of international scale and will succeed many successive projects of Dat Xanh Group

Following the success of the Opal Riverside and Opal Garden apartments in Thu Duc district as well as LuxCity and LuxGarden in District 7, Dat Xanh continues to launch the luxury product line called Gem Riverside in District 2. With the most favorable location in the South Rach Gia, Gem Riverside apartment was awarded by Blue Land and launched in January 2018.

The launching of the Gem Riverside luxury apartment project District 2
The launching of the Gem Riverside luxury apartment project District 2

How is the South Rach Chiec market going?

Urban South Ceramic tile began to appear first project in 2016 is Lakeview City, which is a high-end urban area in the segment of luxury villas of Novaland. At present, the sale price of the apartments Lakeview City deviated up to more than VND1 billion (within the range of VND7 billion / unit), there are some units up to VND1.5 billion compared with the original price. This project is currently executing apartments along the parallel axis, while the interior is almost completed and handed over to customers.

Besides, the Palm City project in the Palm Residence townhouse segment has been open for internal sale and at present, the price of 7m flat has been over VND9 billion. Buyers have a relatively high profit and buy a lot of secondary but no goods.

The Gem Riverside project is located in the South Rach Chiec
The Gem Riverside project is located in the South Rach Chiec area with outstanding advantages

Then, in the third zone open for sale in South Brick is the Palm Heights – Palm City apartment block of Keppelland. The price of T1-T2 blocks ranges from VND29 million to VND32 million / sqm (rough handover), while river views are enjoying a profit of VND150 – 200 million / unit. However, the project customers have just signed a 20% payment contract so the current profit margin is quite high. Secondary market is not very boiling because customers do not sell much.

Gem Riverside Apartment is a classy project with class design

Gem Riverside Residential Area in District 2 was developed on 6.7 hectares of land with 12 blocks of high-rise apartments to provide the market with over 3100 apartments in diverse areas.

The whole project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh brings harmony between ancient features typical of Europe and the lifestyle of the era, the design is extremely simple and romantic as the name brings . Every angle, every scene of the Riverside gem is a beautiful dreaming, mysterious, natural scenery is decorated with flower garden, balcony … the view is very beautiful, romantic and peaceful.

Perspective of Gem Riverside
The most general introduction about Gem Riverside project in District 2

Every Gem Riverside apartment has a spacious balcony, all of which receive natural wind and sunshine and luxuriously designed interiors. The design of the Gem Riverside in each apartment offers class, luxury and warmth. The area of ​​the space in the apartment has a reasonable rate, making the most of the space and create a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Besides, the quality of materials is also checked and care little details.

Follow the Gem Riverside project through important milestones

November 04, 2017: Ground breaking ceremony for Gem Riverside Green Land at Nguyen Duy Tring, An Phu Ward, District 2.

November 05, 2017: Started the construction of piling works.

On January 29, 2018: Green Land held a ceremony to launch the project Gem Riverside apartment District 2 at the event center of The Adora Luxury (Phu Nhuan).

On 25/02/2018: Opened the model house and received registration consultant project Gem Riverside Dat Xanh apartment in Cantavil, An Phu, District 2

On 18/03/2018: Officially announce the project of Gem Riverside apartment building with the first public.

How are the payment methods used to buy Gem Riverside Condominiums?

Gem Riverside’s residential property is well appreciated by all investors investing in the luxury segment. Green Land has been very clever and flexible when developing payment policies close and convenient to the actual needs of customers. The methods are:

Payment of Gem Riverside apartment according to construction schedule:

Customers choose the right Gem Riverside apartment, can make reservation immediately with the amount of VND 50 million. However, if during the launching ceremony, the customer finds that the sale price is reasonable, it can transfer the deposit amount to the bond to guarantee the priority of purchasing the apartment of his choice. After signing a deposit agreement between the two parties, the client will be able to complete the payment obligations under the conventional bond / deal agreement and proceed to pay each installment according to the construction work, corresponding to the pouring stages of the 1st floor, 6th floor, 12th floor, 18th floor and the high rise building with the payment ratio already convened in the HDMB between the two sides.

life space of Gem Riverside
Gem Riverside District 2 – The perfect choice for your family

Payment of Gem Riverside apartment by time:

Similar to the method above, after signing the deposit agreement / transaction contract and fulfilling the obligation to pay as prescribed, the customer will proceed to pay the apartment value in accordance with each period of time specified in the agreement between the two parties when signed.

Customers who purchase Gem Riverside Condominiums may also receive discounted purchases, discounted gift vouchers, and valuable gifts and lucky draw prizes such as cars, air conditioners, washing machine, interior …

With a superior position in terms of strategic position, level design and flexible sales policy, Gem Riverside of Dat Xanh investors in the future shenj will become a great investment fever in the future.

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