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When buying a home not only to live

when buying a home not only to live

In order to realize this demand of high income class, Hoa Binh Automobile Joint Venture Company (VMC) has developed Pandora project at 53 Trieu Khuc, Hanoi. According to the VMC, with following advantages, there have been customers who have bought five units at the project.

Knight Frank Consultancy (UK) predicted that in the next 10 years, the number of Vietnamese super-rich people will increase double. In addition, the middle class is also growing. Accompanying with the increase in income is increased living standards. Accordingly, the Vietnamese are increasingly willing to spend to serve more quality life.

Grasping the trend of enjoying life right in their own homes, the “big” investors have continuously launched a lot of high-end projects. The market of villas, garden houses, townhouse … is thus becoming more exciting than ever.

Aiming to high income customers, Hoa Binh Automobile Company Limited (VMC) has launched Pandora project at 53 Trieu Khuc with services, facilities and safe and airy living habitat.

Pandora infrastructure has private yard, gardens, fence to create a secure living environment for residents. Construction density only accounts for 30% of the area. The infrastructure at Pandora is complete, meeting all the demands of residents.

The project also has a walking paths, natural landscapes, green space combined with airy play area, 4-season swimming pool, BBQ garden, high quality school system including  preschool, primary and secondary school … satisfying the needs of learning, leisure and entertainment for residents.

VMC representative said that they are aiming to make the residents have a safe and classy living environment, not only ensuring the privacy and isolation of a high-class project but also ensuring the connection, convenient exchange with the outside.

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Huong, Deputy General Director of VMC said that: “They are so hard after a working day and need the best care. For busy and successful persons, the most important thing to be conquered is the ability to leave behind the confines of everyday life to truly refresh themselves. We hope that customers coming to Pandora will be able to enjoy life in its full meaning”

Recognizing the living value here, there are customers who have bought five units in Pandora. According to VMC, on July 24, 2017, Company has held the fourth round of the program ” Receive Pandora – bring car home “with the participation and supervision of the representatives of the Department of Industry and Commerce, customers, distributors, partners and reporters.

This event is in the series of 9 consecutive month draw to the end of the year, to award a Mercedes car each month for winning customers. In this draw, the fourth Mercedes car was given to the lucky owner of the C5 garden house and owner of four other garden houses in Pandora.

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The program named “Receive Pandora – bring car home ” is in progress with the total prize of 9 Mercedes C200, E200 and S400. Customers buying and receiving house sooner will be participate in more draws phase with more chances of winning.

Pandora consists of 104 garden houses, townhouses on a total area of ​​41,648 m2. The villas, townhouses of this project have area ranging from 147 m2 including 5 with luxurious, reasonable design, convenient for transportation, working, studying …

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