Buying Land Has Crowed In The Begin Of The Year

A series of open sales projects for the beginning of the year has recorded high liquidity as crowded as the number of buyers is five times higher than the product for sale.

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Phu My Hung has just introduced The Grande building of Phu My Hung Midtown complex to customers on the morning of 25-2. After three hours, 98% of the apartments in The Grande have been owned.

The Grande has 309 apartments in the luxury apartment segment with an area of 69 – 249sqm. Of which, the two-bedroom apartment occupies 62%, the remaining is 3 – 4 bedroom apartment. The average selling price of apartments is from VND5 to 10 billion, when the delivery is completed basic.

Payment schedule applied to The Grande is 28 months for 50% of apartment value. 45% will be paid upon delivery of the apartment and the remaining 5% will be paid upon receipt of the title. In the second quarter of 2019, the apartments of The Grande will be handed over.

Busy buy home the first time

100% of Merita’s products were ordered in the morning only

According to Phu My Hung, about 800 people have ordered The Grande apartment so investors have to organize open draws to select customers. Previously, to obtain a coupon to buy a place to buy the apartment, the customer must send a letter of offer to buy the apartment.

After considering many factors, Phu My Hung sent invitations to customers. 800 guests attended the ceremony to introduce the Grande building was selected from 1,539 records sent to the investor.

In addition to the draw, each guest is allowed to leave only one leaf in the ballot box. If you are lucky enough to win, you can buy only one apartment.

Similarly, when Khang Dien House Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company opened the sale of 131 houses in Merit in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City also had more than 300 participants. Only in the morning, 100% of Merita’s products have been sold out.

Located on the front of Lien Phuong Street, Merita has a total area of 3.1ha with 131 townhouses designed in modern style with tiled roofs and elegant colors as mini villas.

Khang Dien has completed all the facilities and built before the sale. Therefore, home buyers can come in immediately. Currently, Merita has a red book and will soon have the pink book.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Nam Hien, General Director of Hung Thinh Land, said that since the opening of the school on the 9th Lunar New Year, every day the company has about 30 transactions. In particular, the projects are from the West as Moonlight Park View, Moonlight Boulevard …

“Compared to the previous year, this figure is slightly higher. Before launching, the staff of the company has a strong start to lock customers, “said Hien.

General Director of Hung Thinh Land said that the company will open the Moonlight Boulevard project at 510, Kinh Duong Vuong, Binh Tan District. The project has an area of more than 8,280m2 with 656 apartments selling over one billion with the most outstanding facilities in the West.

Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, Deputy General Director Him Lam Land information, the trading situation in the beginning of the year is very positive. Although not open for sale, each week the company has 10 customers ordering houses Him Lam Phu An.

“When we finish the house in mid-March, we will open the second block of Him Lam Phu An project. At that time, liquidity will certainly be much higher, “Phuc said.

Witnessed the bustle of the land for the first time, Kien A Group will continue to launch the second phase Lavila project market after selling 192 garden town villas, 26 lake villas, 20 river villas at stage one.

Accordingly, Phase 2 of Lavila includes 257 garden villas located in a total area of 16.4ha. This area is planned with many trees, quiet, security.

Busy buy home the first time

Customers have to send a letter of offer to buy the house, through the process of selection and then be lucky to buy the apartment of Phu My Hung

A series of projects of many real estate companies in HCM City such as Dat Xanh, Phat Dat, Novaland … also recorded more transactions than last year.

Will increase by 10%

According to real estate expert Tran Khanh Quang, 2016 is the third consecutive year of real estate market growth since the bottom has fallen since the beginning of 2014. This is the convergence of factors favorable to real estate such as economic stability, light market regulation policy, the recovery of the stock market, the infrastructure construction works in bulk.

“The 2016 market has seen its highest growth in three years. Real estate prices increased by an average of 20% last year. This will bring the market to a halt in the early days of 2017, “Quang said.

The expert said that 2017 is the year the market moves in terms of quality rather than quantity. Products offered for sale will be less. Low price apartments under 1.5 billion are still the best choice. Townhouses with the price ofVND2 billion are still attracting tourists.

“The property market will continue to grow by 10% compared to 2016 on the basis of selective and competitive quality. The tightening credit with the real estate sector will not affect much but only inhibits the price increase for stable development, “said Quang.

Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the HCM City Real Estate Association, said that many of the investors who launched their products at the beginning of the year had sold out due to the prestige of the company and good products.

“After Tet holiday, many people are financially organized so they have the need to invest and accumulate assets. In addition, the real estate business also abandoned the concept that  January is the month to play to serve customers, “Chau said.

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