Buying Real Estate Property, Need To Choose “Broker” To “Send Gold”

With each family, the house is not only a valuable asset but also a spiritual asset, because someone has to buy a house for a lifetime. Therefore, choosing a broker when buying this property is of particular interest to people.

Sharing with the reporter, Mr. Dung (from Thanh Hoa) said that his family has accumulated nearly 10 years in Hanoi, but also have to borrow money from more brothers, friends can afford to buy apartments in Duong Noi (Ha Dong) that invested by Nam Cuong Group.

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“The house is not only material property but also attached many happy memories with us. Buying a home is a milestone in life, especially in Hanoi, it is more meaningful, “he confided.

However, everybody is not lucky at all that buying a suitable house easily like him. For example, residents of the Trung Kinh Home City project invested by Van Phu – Trung Kinh limited liability Company (a subsidiary of Van Phu Invest) makes the investors fight for the path and utility services of the building.

To send gold brokers to buy real estate properties

Choose large, reputable brokers to help buyers understand the project and reduce the risk of buying a home

The Project New Horizon 87 Linh Nam by JSC Construction Technology of Vietnam (Vincenzo), Project Capital Garden of Co. Hotels Kinh (of Kinh Do Group TCI).., Residents also spend time and effort struggling for their legitimate rights.

Mr. Hien, residents of Home City Trung Kinh said: “Before buying a house, we have access to very good information, from building quality to utility services building, but when the contract is signed, the investors make difficulties. Brokers are almost “wiped” because they only sell goods, and quality is the investor. If we knew that before, we would never buy a house in there. “

Many people when buying a house do not want to go through intermediaries, but with real estate which is a valuable asset, complex product characteristics, most of the people think that through the broker to consult about the project. However, choosing a broker, a reputable, responsible investor is not an easy task for every customer, especially for the first time to buy a home.

As one of the distribution units distributing prestigious products, professional to customers in Dak Lak, Quy Nhon …, Nguyen Anh Tuan, general director of An Cu Real Estate Joint Stock Company said, customers when buying Real estate properties should contact the distribution unit to have the correct information.

In addition to the information about the product, information about the owner is also very important and only distribution units know the owner more than the customer. As the distribution unit is also the customer of the owner, they must ensure their safety by understanding the capacity of the investor before signing the distribution contract.

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To send gold brokers to buy real estate properties

Property real estate

In addition, customers can look up previous projects of investors, or choose brokers through referral information from friends, relatives who have traded over there. Although this is not an absolute guarantee, “God” can trust in the trading floor, brokerage companies have many good ratings. Find out more about the brokerage company, the broker will also help customers make more accurate choices.

On the advice of real estate brokers, clients can refer to brokers’ websites, address inquiries, commitments, policies, projects that have been conducted/ brokered. If customers find the transparent, clear information, they are conducting the introduction of large projects and professional introduction, customers can rest assured about the reliability of the transaction floor, the public brokerage company.

In addition, the factors that can help consumers evaluate the quality of the brokerage is the time of operation (preferably the brokerage firm has been for a long time), the management organization (the company Brokers managed by a large organization will be more reliable), scale of operations (larger brokerage firms will have higher accountability and diversified client base).

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