Buying The Apartment Forming In The Future: Identify The Less Secure Projects

Buying the apartment is formed in the future having the advantage of being cheaper which is suitable for the people who have accumulated yet more. However, if the clients do not choose to be the reputable investors, the clients can get risks with their investments.

Many risks

The concept of buying the home formed in the future has appeared for many years in Vietnam. This form is then legislated with the condition that the investor has to completed foundation mobilized of the customers. However, in 2007-2008, many projects just completed on the paper, the investor also has conducted to mobilize of the customers.

When the craze passed, the series of deployment projects are unfinished, many projects are just the empty lands, the investors fled, while the hundreds billion of the customers poured into this project having the risk losing all their money.

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To protect the rights of the clients in the future, the real estate business regulations of 2014 stipulates, the project wants to open the sale, it has to complete foundation and be guaranteed by the bank and must register with the Department of construction of local. However, the risks of the clients can not end.

Buy house to build in the future

Choose a face to send gold to buy a home

For example, in the project of Saigonres Plaza, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city. HCM, hundreds of households in this yet have not delighted for getting home on time, then they have to complain about quality works. After the first rainy season, the quality of the high-end apartment is very serious degradation. Furthermore, the investor admits that they used the cheap materials and poor quality of China when building this project. It is known that the project is opened the sale in 2014.

Although the quality is not guaranteed, the customers in Saigonres Plaza project are also delivered home on time. Meanwhile, in other projects, although the customers have paid about 90% of the value of the house, they still cannot get home after many years.

Particularly, the residential project of Thai son I, II in Nha Be district, HCM is invested by Thai Son company. After buying the house in this project from 2004 to now, the project remained on paper, the customer still cannot get home…

Identify the unsafe project

Recorded in HCM, there are so many real estate projects which were announced to sale with cheap price, nice location to attract the investors, especially for young people. However, currently, the capital contribution to buy the house in the future still is the most optimal solution in the investment or not is the thing which many people think.

Mr. Hoang Chau Le – Chairman of the real estate Association of HCM (HoREA) supposed that everything has two sides, the customers buy home forming in the future also has benefits that are cheap, long-term payment schedule to create advantages for them who have little money can buy. However, to avoid risks in this type of home sale, Mr. Chau pointed out 4 characteristics that the clients need to pay attention to minimize risk when buying the home.

First, it is to change the name of the project. This is the case of the “dead” project, the bad project before is renamed to clear traces, however, the essence is still the “hash”.

Second, it can change both names of the business investor. This case also happened with the investor lied down on the job which was reflected the media making them changed to the company’s name.

Third, it remakes 1/500 planning and adds these bogus utilities (it means cheating in terms of information to the customers). Moreover, there are business cases arbitrarily change the planning 1/500. Although the authorities have not yet approved, they still open for sale.

Buy house to build in the future

Identify less secure projects to avoid the risk of buying a home

Fourth, it disorders the price. For example, the investor offered 14 000 USD/background, however, the distribution unit lists up to 18 300-22 800 USD/background. Finally, they have not assigned the contract to the clients and leading to disputes.

Mr. The Hien Dinh – the financial expert also said that buying the home in the future is the solution to the clients who have yet to accumulate a lot of money. However, it can recognize that buying home in formation in the future was only hot in the period of 2007 onwards, since that time, the market was hot, it just has purchased the apartment is able to get profits.

Meanwhile, at present, the advantage of the apartment’s price formation in the future is no longer as before if compare with the price of apartments has delivered. In particular, at present, the prices of the future apartment is not cheap, even it is higher than the apartment handed over in the same area or the same type.

In addition, whether the purchase of the future apartment or handed apartments is, the clients also can pay in installments, they only paid about 30%, the rest loans the bank and the pays in installments in 10-15 years. While buying the apartment was delivered, the clients can go to live or business to pay the interest for the bank, so the financial situation is not different with the future apartment, even it is better.

Besides, buying the used apartment, we can completely check out the campus, management, quality of construction, rental needs (very important) … or visiting and exploring the people used to live here.

“So, if buying the apartment was handed over, the clients can more satisfy and more profitable, there will be happened risks such as the delivery home is late, the building has not reached the standards…” Mr. Hien shared, if buying a home in the form in the future, it should choose the reputable investor of previous projects.

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