Buying The One Apartment To Get house Immediately With Pink Book

Buying apartment The One Saigon you just carry suitcase into the apartment and have pink book immediately with many attractive preferences from Ben Thanh Group.

If you want to invest in the high-end apartment or find a place to live in the prosperous Ho Chi Minh City, you can take The One Saigon Apartment into your sight. This is a high-end project converging all 5-star elements and also a complex area of the facility with the beautiful view. Buying The One Saigon apartment will make you surprised by the cheap price, the endless pink book with many attractive preferences from reputable investors.

  1. Introduction about The One Saigon Apartment in the center of District 1

The One Saigon apartment has been completed and put into operation with full of the pink book for buyers. It sounds normal, but The One Saigon apartment has been built and opened for sale so you can immediately buy or invest, indeed this is a great advantage.

Rarely, there is a real estate project located in the middle of the narrow golden land of District 1, which owns 3 frontages including Ky Con Street, Le Thi Hong Gam Street, and Dang Thi Nhu Street. Looking at this prime location, the surroundings and the foot of The Saigon Building you will see a series of historical sites, entertainment areas, and attractive facilities in Sai Gon.

With the capital of over $14 million, Capella Holdings owner (Ben Thanh Land Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company and Grand Capital Investment Joint Stock Company) have built a two-storey basement and 22 stories on the total floor area of 18,000sqm. This number is quite large compared to the location where Sai Gon Apartments are proud of their land, because District 1 land fund is always in scarce status “worthy of alerting” and increase the price per minute

The project consists of 3,000sqm of grade A rental office (from 1st to 4th floor) and 84 luxurious apartments (from 5th to 19th floor). Especially, on 19th and 20th floors are spent for four spacious Duplex Penthouses. The rest terrace is a recreation area with amenities such as restaurants, swimming pools, spas, gyms…

Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose apartments ranging in size from 53sqm to 135sqm.

  1. Attractive policy of The One Saigon apartment from the investor

The One Saigon apartment has been completed and opened for sale. This project is trusted for buying and investing by many customers. However, because of belonging to luxurious segment and owning too large apartment area, the price of

The One Saigon previously exceeded the reach of the Vietnamese. Especially, the project was offered at the time that real estate market Vietnam was frozen.

At present, to raise capital for food and restaurant field, Capella Holdings investor has decided to reduce the price of apartments to a record level of 45% of its total value. Thus, you can own apartments in the center of District 1 for only $3,200 – $3,500 /sqm. This is a super cheap price compared to itself The One Saigon apartment in the first phase of sale ($5,500 – $6,000 /sqm) and other real estate projects starting in this period.

The One SaiGon

Interior The One luxury and upstream

According to a survey from reputable real estate professionals, the price of projects equivalent to The One Ben Thanh within the District 1 or nearby neighborhood in the initial stages falls into the range $5,000 to $7,000 / sqm. Therefore, the devaluation of The One Saigon project may affect the real estate market in this area. However, for users, especially those who specialize in long-term real estate investment, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

How wonderful the settlement is, we do not need to debate anymore. However, how attractive investment is, we would like to share as follows:

District 1 is golden location, so tourists and senior professionals are constantly visiting and living here. Due to the scarcity of land, housing is also scarce, and demand for rental housing is increasing, so if you invest in The One Saigon Apartment, you will surely gain a large profit every month. It is anticipated that each month you can rent apartments from $1,200 – $1,800. It would be very quick to refund capital.

In addition to the super-attractive prices, when buying a apartment in The One District 1, you also have the free management of the building for two years and are offered with high-class furniture worth up to $8000. Of course, you do not need to pay once but can pay in 3 installments. When transacting 80% of apartment value, you can immediately get housing or trade as plan. The next 6 months you will complete the whole amount of money and receive the perpetual pink book.

All inquiries about The One Saigon Apartment, please contact us directly for advice.

You can read more news information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

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