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Buying Villas, Townhouses In The Suburbs More And More Is A Trend

Trends to the suburbs buy villas, townhouses

In many areas of Ho Chi Minh City, townhouses combine villas and apartments are real estate types tend to develop strongly. This shows that the demand for accommodation is increasing and there is a shift in ownership psychology.

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Built on a closed model, mixed projects between townhouses, villas and apartments tend to flourish in many areas of the city.

Previously, urban areas, residential areas combined with many types of housing appear scattered in the downtown area, now the segment is being targeted by investors in the suburbs because of a wide land fund.

Real estate experts analyze, instead of choosing to buy an expensive apartment in the cramped inner city, people with money are moving to the suburbs, living in villas, adjoining houses to enjoy the cool space.

Previously, only a few investors interested in and pursue the compound product line in the center, now tend to increase in the city, especially in the districts with good traffic connections.

According to experts, the trend of buyers from the city center to the living areas in urban areas also expressed the view of “enjoying life” in places where there is green space, fresh.

In particular, the transport factor is no longer a problem for car buyers. In addition, the financial factor is also an advantage that the urban area projects.

Talking about the demand and transaction of this type of real estate in the city, representatives of business department Khang Dien Housing Investment Joint Stock Company said: “Although transactions are not mutable in general This type of buyer, in which most buyers are city people. “

Trends to the suburbs buy villas, townhouses

Regarding the price of this type of real estate, the enterprises investing in the above model have a competitive price strategy quite strong. Since most of the products are located in close proximity, even on the same road. However, in many cases, customers have “abandoned” this project to buy the other project because of the offer price difference.

Therefore, the attractiveness of the higher and the “underground” competition still exists between enterprises and projects.

Like the other segments in the market today, it can be very easy to sell initially, but it will be difficult later on because the competitiveness and proliferation of similar models in the future will be greater. That is not to mention many other factors directly affect the demand and decide to buy real estate buyers.

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