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Ca Mau: West coast landslide is very serious

Households living along the western seaboard dike

West Coast in Ca Mau has appeared more new landslide sites, became a direct threat to the dyke system of the province.

According to the provincial authorities, among landslide sites that affect the West Sea dike, most notably two new landslides are very dangerous in Tran Van Thoi district with a length of 3.6 km . Specifically, the north bank and the south bank of Kinh New Commune, Khanh Binh Tay Commune and Khanh Hai Commune have a landslide length of 1.2 km; The North bank and the south bank of Da Bac, Khanh Binh Tay commune has a landslide length of 2.4 km.

Households living along the western seaboard dike
Households living along the western seaboard dike (Tam Dua, Khanh Tien Commune, U Minh District, Ca Mau Province) are facing the danger of landslide.

As the above sections have no outer embankments, the risk of landslide is still ongoing. Many areas of forest are difficult to stand before the status of West coast landslide with increasingly serious.

Ca Mau Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is directing the Dike Management Division in coordination with the People’s Committee of Tran Van Thoi district to implement emergency dike protection measures.

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It is known that more than 90 km of existing West coast of Ca Mau province has nearly 60 km of landslide. In addition, many of the sites in the East Coast of the province are in extremely dangerous conditions.

Faced with the above situation, the Chairman of Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee proposed that the Prime Minister and other central ministries and sectors pay attention to, prioritize the capital support for the province to urgently implement the urgent works to coping with sea level rise; Particularly, priority shall be given to investment in the construction of embankments to create landslides for landslide and restoration of coastal protection forests.

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