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You can move easily from Xuan Mai Q7 apartment

Franco Viet Hospital - FV

Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is located near Tam Duc Heart Hospital, FV Hospital … to help all residents can rest assured about the health of family members.

As one of the apartment projects has been receiving a lot of attention of customers and investors, Xuan Mai Q7 is the hot name is being sought in the Saigon South. Not only owning the perfect utility system, unique design style and prestigious investor, thanks to the prime location, Xuan Mai apartment Q7 is adjacent to the city’s major hospitals to ensure the best life for all residents.

Xuan Mai Q7- Apartment near the Tam Duc Heart Hospital.

With its prime location, Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is close to many big and small hospitals. At first it must be Tam Duc Heart Hospital.

As modern life demands more and more human life, the problem of human health is increasingly concerned. Understanding this, Tam Duc Heart Hospital has been developing many services such as Outpatient treatment, cardiac resuscitation, cardiovascular surgery, Electrophysiology Heart, Hospital supply promised to bring best quality care for every customer.

Not only that, since 2006, Tam Duc Heart Surgery has started surgery for many of the first cardiovascular patients, since then there have been nearly 7000 cardiovascular disease schools have been rescued. treated with success rate up to 98%. In particular, all patients coming to Tam Duc Heart Hospital are thoroughly diagnosed with 2-3 times the echocardiography of different doctors. These doctors will then work together to diagnose the patient to determine the optimal treatment.

Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is located near Tam Duc Heart Hospital
Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is located near Tam Duc Heart Hospital – The hospital with a team of experienced doctors and modern medical equipment promises to bring the best health for all customers.

In addition to the extended service system of Tam Duc Heart Hospital, the professional team of doctors is regarded as a significant point in attracting the attention of many people. This hospital’s blood vessel department, which includes a blood vessel surgery unit, has been developed for the purpose of improving cardiac surgery. The peripheral blood vessel disease, carotid artery, … have been started surgery in 2011 with modern technology and professional team of doctors Tam Duc are all young, enthusiastic. Medicine is strong and harmonious, consistent with each other.

Located at 4 Nguyen Luong Bang- Phu My Hung New Urban Area, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC, Tam Duc Heart Hospital is also near Xuan Mai apartment Q7. Prompted by a team of professional doctors, convenient care services and modern medical equipment will bring the best health for all customers.

Near Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is also Franco Viet Hospital – FV.

Not only located next to Tim Tam Duc Hospital, Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is also located near French Hospital (FV). France is the only hospital in Vietnam that is internationally accredited. This is a general hospital, invested 100% foreign capital and founded by a group of 10 French doctors.

Franco Viet Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment, providing medical services from medical examination and counseling, diagnosis and treatment to all clients. With a scale of 220 beds, 1500 visits per day, FV Hospital also provides comprehensive health examination, counseling, treatment and health care services for all residents in more than 30 specialties.

Franco Viet Hospital - FV
Xuan Mai Q7 apartment is located right next to French Hospital – The hospital attracted more than 200,000 visits / year

In particular, officially opened in March 2003, French Hospital became the first hospital to bring international standards to Vietnam and is the leading hospital in Southeast Asia. Every year, France Vietnam attracts about 200,000 patients, 70% of which are Vietnamese, 20% from Europe and Asia, 5% from Combodia and 5% from overseas Vietnamese and tourists.

Located in Phu My Hung New Urban Area, South Saigon, FV Hospital is right next to Xuan Mai Q7. Prompted with a variety of services, together with a team of professional doctors, FV Hospital will also give medical examination points to all customers.

Besides the two hospitals mentioned above, nearly Xuan Mai Q7 is also the District 7 Hospital, maternity hospital. Not only that, the Xuan Mai Q7 apartment area is also built clinics, health, so all residents Xuan Mai Q7 can completely rest assured about the health of their family members.

Owning a favorable location, not only near the hospital, Xuan Mai Q7 is also located near the major commercial centers, international universities. Certainly, Xuan Mai Q7 apartment will be the perfect choice for all customers.

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