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Carava Resort Has Great Attraction At Cam Ranh

Carava Resort

Carava Resort is a large, synchronous and well-balanced Investment project in Cam Ranh Beach.

Bai Dai is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches on the planet with blue sea, smooth white sand. Bai Dai is very pristine and tranquil with the privilege of being blessed.

Therefore, nearly 40 projects have been granted investment certificates in Bai Dai area. In just a few years, we see that Bai Dai will be a popular resort center, with resorts and architecture harmony with nature.

If you are investing in this land, quickly grasp the golden opportunity to invest, grow and make the best profit in the future.

And especially the Carava project is a very attractive investment opportunity you cannot ignore.

Carava Resort
Carava Resort is located on the coast of Cam Ranh beach, Nha Trang

Condotel Carava Resort is one of the most popular resort and resort projects in the coastal city of Nha Trang today. This is also one of the three most typical real estate resort projects today.

Carava Resort Cam Ranh Resort – Nha Trang includes many types of real estate such as condotel luxury apartments, coastal villas, lake villas, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools…which is well planned and in harmony with the greenery of the water surface. To achieve the goal of becoming the most luxurious resort, Carava Resort also owns the most modern facilities, services and utilities together with the most unique designs.

The prime location is the highlight as well as the first advantage of Carava Resort

Starting from Cam Ranh International Airport, it takes only 5 minutes to get to Nha Trang Beach on the beach of Bai Dai. The Carava project is located in the center of Bai Dai, located in Lot D9A Cam Ranh Peninsula Resort, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, in the north it borders on K9 Road, in the south it borders on the project boundary, West Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard.

It is a convenient location to facilitate the initial step to focus on exploiting and developing long-term services.

HOAN CAU GROUP – TOP 10 reputable investors of Vietnam in 2016

Carava Resort
Modern space and class of Carava Resort will always bring satisfaction

The investor of Carava Resort project: Carava Resort Co., Ltd under Hoan Cau Group has started construction.

Address: 5th floor – 20 Tran Phu Street – Loc Tho Ward – Nha Trang City – Khanh Hoa Province

The parent company of Hoan Cau Group of Carava Resort Co., Ltd. has long accumulated experience, organized and organized planning. It is the leading unit in Nha Trang when deploying Diamond Bay City high-end condominium complex, including 18-hole Ocean View Golf Course, Diamond Bay Resort & Spa 4 stars, International Convention, Hoan Vu stage (where the Miss Universe 2008).

Carava Resort Nha Trang is expected to be one of the highlights in the chain of luxury resort system of Hoan Cau Group.

Carava Resort mobilizes with huge investment capital and scale

Carava Resort project with investment capital of more than 66,006,600 USD

Large scale with total land area: 22.62 hectares. It is divided into five main functional areas:

Villa with area: 52.000 sqm (23.19%);

Resort condominium has total area: 32.000 sqm (14.44%);

Entertainment works with an area of 3.770 sqm (1.67%);

Sea Club total area is: 3,770 sqm (1.67%);

Green-water surface: 64.000 sqm (28.18%) ….

Expected Completion: 2019

Modern space and class of Carava Resort will always bring satisfaction

Carava Resort
The Condotel Carava project is the first project in Nha Trang city that houses Condotel

The Condotel Carava project is the first project in Nha Trang city that has Condotel Condotel located right on Bai Dai beach just 15 meters from the sea, just steps down to the lobby will see cool sand along the walkway towards sunrise. Whether the owner of the Condotel Carava apartment or tenants lost their hearts here when returning to work after the holiday.

Besides, the harmonious design of the villas, sea views, lakefront condotel, restaurants and other facilities are intelligently distributed in the interior to assist visitors in their sightseeing and vacations at Cara Resort with comfort and convenience.

Customers come to the apartment, Carava villa will be infatuated with the beauty of nature that nowhere has, the cost is also much lower than other tourist sites, only one third with the world.

Opportunity to invest in real estate with CARAVA RESORT’s commitment to profit

With many advantages of Carava Resort project, the owner has launched an unprecedented policy with commitments up to 15% per year. Therefore, in just 6-7 years, customers have recovered their capital.

– Handing over 100% 5-star furniture.

– Quick return after 8 years

– The price of Condotel Carava is better than the neighboring projects in Bai Dai – Cam Ranh.

Get 15 vacation days per year for 8 consecutive years.

This is a safe financial investment channel because: At present, the entire land of Carava Resort has fulfilled its financial obligations and issued a red book, so the customer will receive permanent ownership.

Read more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

Carava Resort Has Great Attraction At Cam Ranh

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