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Catch Up The 5 Hottest Architectural Trends In 2017

The hottest architecture trends in 2017

Like all other areas, architectural trends are always changing over time. If we do not innovate in time, we will soon lag behind the common ground of the whole world.

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Previously, the trend of Starchitecture (works by the external appearance such as Sydney Opera House in Australia, Hanoi Museum or Bitexco building in Ho Chi Minh City) attracted the great interest of architecture to 2017, its hot seems to have reduced quite a lot. Let’s explore the hottest architectural trends this year to catch the trend in time and not miss the beat of the dizzying development of the time offline!

The hottest architecture trends in 2017
Starchitecture trends are showing signs of subsidence

Enhance the use of living space

In times of change, the earthquake of yellow leaves one to think of the caliber of construction, but focuses only on appearance. Instead, although the system is still of interest, people invest more in the utility of living space. As life becomes more and more busy and complex, this trend of architecture is more and more popular and popular.

The hottest architecture trends in 2017
The Medibank building in Melbourne has become a new type of health care center for the office population thanks to its dynamic and vibrant working environment

Green buildings close to nature

The area of greenery is shrinking and instead, large concrete buildings are built. This is the indispensable development of modern society, but it causes ecological imbalance and impacts on global climate change. To overcome this situation, a series of green buildings was born. In the coming time, anticipating this trend will be more progressive development.

The hottest architecture trends in 2017
The cluster of FPT, Da Nang will be the typical green building of Vietnam

Use traditional materials

Traditional materials such as hardwood and wood are becoming a new architectural trend in 2017. In other words, the rise of old materials is also a way to support the movement to build homes, buy houses close to with nature recently.

The hottest architecture trends in 2017
The familiar building materials come back
The hottest architecture trends in 2017
The T3 Building in Minneapolis is a prime example of this trend

Trend Going Shop Top

Previously near the apartment or downtown, people often build shopping centers, supermarkets are very large shopping. Recently, however, online shopping has become so popular, the construction of these shopping centers seems to be dwindling; instead, buildings serve the needs of living and working alone. constantly growing.

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The hottest architecture trends in 2017
Iceberg Apartments in Denmark have no major commercial centers

Weather housing

Featured by huge window frames, solar panels on the roof, light and wind systems, cooling and natural warming. This is considered a great solution for humans to live with the harsh transformation of the weather.

The hottest architecture trends in 2017
All roofs in France are required to plant trees or install solar cells

Under conditions of increasingly difficult weather and living, progressive architectural trends will have an opportunity for development. In contrast, obsolete architecture is no longer suitable will gradually be eliminated, this is the inevitable rule of life.

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