Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment- Do You Get Your Money’s Worth With It Or Not?

Celadon City Tan Phu apartment with the slogan “New Vitality From Green City” has blown a new wind into the real estate market of Ho Chi Minh City in general as well as high-end apartment market in the west of Saigon in particular.

The presence of the Celadon Tan Phu City has changed the face and life of residents in this area to become richer and better. Is Celadon City Tan Phu apartment really a rare bright spot in the western region of Saigon? Is Celadon City worth the money? Should you buy Celedon City Tan Phu apartment? Vietnam Real Estate and our colleagues would like to send you a few lines to share the evaluation criteria of the project, hope to provide you useful information.

First criterion: The owner of Celadon City apartment Tan Phu

First of all, we learn about the Gamuda Land owner builds and develops this project who is a leading real estate group in Malaysia, but in Vietnam is quite strange, only after the breakthrough success in the Gamuda City (Yen So Park) of 500ha and Gamuda Gardens in Hanoi, the Gamuda is known. On all newspaper, domestic and foreign media inundate with the name of Gamuda Land on the front page that is considered one of the most successful foreign investors in Vietnam.

Concurrently, that is a breakthrough when Gamuda Land officially shakes hands with Sacomreal that is a famous name in the real estate market in Vietnam to build the Celadon City Tan Phu.

Considering this view, we highly appreciated the two investors with strong financial, prestige and brand…

Second criterion: the location of Celadon City Tan Phu Apartment

Celadon City Tan Phu owns strategic location that is just 3km from Tan Son Nhat Airport and 1km from the National Highway 1A, making it easier than ever to move to the western and eastern provinces and to the Moc Bai international border gate. In the future, Metro Line 2 from Ben Thanh to Celadon City Tan Phu helps you move to the city center in less than 10 minutes.

Why does not Gamuda grow in another location like the east, the north or the south of Saigon but the west? This is really a long-term vision and a wise business strategy. At the time of 2010 – 2013, when the real estate market in Vietnam was frozen, the projects in the south and east area completely was paralyzed, the investors rushed the line of high-end products into the market, the inflation was in double-digit, the supply exceeded demand and prices were too high. However, the problem to rescue the real estate market was so fledgling. At this time, Gamuda decided to develop in West of Saigon with a large land fund and reasonable price. The goal of the project is to build a modern, classy urban area but in line with market demand.

Celadon City Tan phu

Location Map Celadon City Tan Phu

Third criterion: Scale of Celadon City Tan Phu                  

Celadon City Tan Phu is similar to Phu My Hung west of Saigon with an area of 82 hectares, including five luxury apartments (Ruby, Saphire, Emerald, Diamond). The population is about 30,000 people. The project is known as a green model city with the mission of creating and developing a modern, classy and harmonious with nature urban area.

Population Scale: About 30,000 people

Fourth criterion: The utility and service of Celadon Tan Phu

Celadon City Tan Phu apartment has an area of 82 ha but with a very low construction density of only 20%, while spending 80% to create a green miniature city with a variety of multi-functional utilities and services. With 16 hectares of eco-park is designed in harmony with nature and considered one of the largest parks in Ho Chi Minh City.

+ Ecological Park

+ Center of culture and entertainment

+ Education and Training area

+ Commercial center

+ Sports area

With the mission to create a modern and civilized urban area, luxurious and modern model, high-class service facilities, Celadon City Apartment Tan Phu really does that, overcomes the expectations of the market. According to a survey of the opinions of residents living here, everyone is very satisfied. Typically, Ms. DIVA MY LINH has bought an apartment here, she greatly appreciates the environment, utility, and service almost all in one.

Fifth criterion: Idea and design of Celadon Tan Phu City apartment

Celadon City Tan Phu is honored to win the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2011 that is co-organized by Asia Pacific Property and Bloomberg Television. Celadon City is the first urban area in Vietnam to be certificated to the CONQUAS quality standards of Singapore in modern and smart design.

It can be said Celadon City Apartments Tan Phu is a pride in design by the modernity bringing comfortable life and convenience over time. The area of apartments ranges from 68 – 98sqm (2-3 bedrooms) plus 1 utility room with open space in harmony with nature as well as suitable with market tastes.

Sixth criterion: Project progress of Celadon City Tan Phu

One of the first questions is whether the project will be built on schedule? When will the house be hand over? Particularly at Celadon City Tan Phu, Gamuda Land with strong financial strength commits to handing over on schedule.

The fact that two blocks A & B (Ruby – Celadon City Tan Phu) completed before the schedule about 5 months and handed over the house and pink book for customers. Residents now account for over 90%.

The remaining 3 blocks of Ruby (Celadon City Tan Phu) are C, D, E has completed the foundation. Block C was in the process of construction of the body and officially opened in the second quarter of 2015.

Seventh criterion: Price and payment when buying Celadon City apartment Tan Phu

With prices ranging from $1000 / sqm and $70.5 thousand / unit, customers will enjoy extremely flexible payment of only 15% of the original value of the apartment and interest-free installments up to 48 months. Bank can support 5.99% per year up to 25 years.

Currently, Celadon is implementing a special policy at Celadon City Tan Phu.

– Pay within 48 months, no interest.

– Give kitchen cabinets worth up to $1300.

– Free 3-year management fee worth $1100.

– Give free five-year membership card of Celadon Sports Club worth $8800.

– Loan support for customers is only 5.99% per year.

– Give the combo of electric machine and furniture worth up to $5900.

– Offer 6S iPhone / iPad Air 2, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Purifier…

In addition, there are many other gifts such as two-tenths of 9999 gold tael, Malaysia – Singapore travel…

Especially: Discount 9% on total value of Celadon City Tan Phu apartment

Let’s quickly own Celadon City Tan Phu resort paradise in the heart of Saigon

You can read and see more news information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

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