Celadon City – The Peaceful Place For The Residences in Sai Gon

Celadon City Apartments – the peaceful place for urban citizens.

Ho Chi Minh City – Promised-land: After more than 40 years of North-South unification, our people are living in the same house as Uncle Ho’s beloved lifelong aspirations.

Nowadays, the city bring their name had spectacular development. The “Pearl of the Far East” of 40 years ago has risen to look like a “metropolis” of modern times.

Nowadays, when coming to Ho Chi Minh City, customers not only see the towering skyscrapers, the boulevards or the buildings of centuries … but also you can see It is said that Ho Chi Minh City has a strong foundation in life, economy and culture and is ready to integrate into the world’s diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.

After years of arduous struggle, people’s life is still poor, backward, today, after a period of breakthrough in all aspects, Ho Chi Minh City is a “promised land”, a city is worth living, so that every citizen can freely breathe in the air that is overflowing with energy and resin.

Previous generations have the sentence: “An apartment, career.” That is, before starting a career, every human being must have a place to stop, a place to return after the time that confronted the revolutions of life. Understanding that, Gamuda Land Group – a Malaysian corporation with more than 30 years of experience in real estate investment and construction, launched the Celadon City Tan Phu project to provide customers with a comfortable living, the most luxurious with modern utilities.

Green living environment, full facilities will bring residents comfortable life, close to nature.

Tan Phu City’s Celadon City is based on a belief in the core values ​​of a modern lifestyle, with the desire that may provide the most complete living space.

Design ideas Celadon City Apartment has come to the owner for a long time with a vision to build a place where quality living is guaranteed for all residents, continuing to grow for a warm community and this is because a modern Vietnam in the future is not far off. Celadon City Apartment Tan Phu promises to bring customers a modern lifestyle, superiority and health for all residents.

Gamuda Land has recently opened the first phase of the Celadon Sports & Resort Club. Come here, residents can enjoy five star facilities of international standard such as: Olympic standard swimming pool, multi-function gym with full equipment imported from the US direct investor, multi-functional gym, sauna and modern wet for the sisters and an amusement park for children with a full range of exercise games that will allow them to develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually.

Besides bringing together the services of health care, entertainment, relaxation, international standards playing, come to Celadon City Tan Phu customers also have the opportunity to connect trade, share the moment…an exciting destination for family and community activities.

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Celadon City Apartment

Local utility of Celadon City Apartment

By bringing the Aeon Mall – Celadon Tan Phu shopping mall into the project area, residents will experience the most comfortable living. At Aeon Mall – Celadon Tan Phu, customers can afford to shop because it is full of items from food, home appliances to fashion, cosmetic from famous brands on the world.

In addition to the appearance of the Celadon Sports & Resort Club; school system; Cultural and community activities will be developed in the future … All create a modern system of international standard facilities to provide residents with the most comfortable and classy living.

In particular, the owner takes care of small details in the lives of the residents by providing additional free utilities such as:

– Periodic health counseling to help residents get the best possible health.

– Shuttle bus to local amenities: Due to the size of the project is not small, so to reduce travel time between residents, the Gamuda Land has invested more trams shuttle. This reduces travel and environmental pollution.

Besides BBQ – there are outdoor gyms, free bicycles, air-conditioning maintenance service – car wash, Celadon City vegetable garden … Residents can discover and enjoy life here.

Stretching on an 82-hectare campus, Celadon City is a modern green city that brings together all the amenities that Gamuda Land Group has researched and invested. Our guideline is always to put quality building on the first, understand the importance of green space and residential environment, so we always focus on development. Besides, there is a system of complete facilities to create a modern and sustainable community where life harmonizes with nature.

At Celadon City, residents can squeeze out all the sorrows of their lives to enjoy worth living with their families. With green space shady trees, flowers and large lake will help residents to regenerate living energy and share the memorable moments with family and relatives.

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