CEN Invest is ‘cheat’ apartment area at HJK Parkview Residence?

The dialogue between the resident HJK Parkview Residence and CEN Invest investor over 12 hours on the issue of re-measuring the area of ​​the apartment still did not achieve the final result.

CEN Invest residents licked the law

More than 100 residents of HJK ​​Parkview Residence have been in talks with Investor of Century Real Estate Investment and Development (CEN Invest) at Floor 5 of CT1, The Pride An Hung Town, Ha Dong District, Hanoi).

The content of the dialogue revolves around 8 complaints of residents about the project such as the issue of re-measuring the area of ​​apartments, the time difference of redemption area, the red book delivery deadline, floor …

Out of them is the problem of re-measuring the area of ​​the apartment. According to residents, the owner of CEN Invest has wrongly applied the law when re-measuring the area of ​​apartments for customers.

Specifically, residents said that instead of measuring in the logia (the edge in logia), the measurement unit (CEN Invest rent) measured the edge outside the logia (measuring the cover). This is contrary to Circular 03/2014 / TT-BXD of the Ministry of Construction. With a logia edge design of about 1 meter long, 60-80 cm wide, investors have cheated the residents from 0.6 to 0.8 sqm, equivalent to VND12-15 million / apartment.

However, at the dialogue, Vuong Van Tuong, CEN Invest’s deputy general director, explained that the unit has applied Circular 19/2016 / TT-BXD effective from 15/8/2016, not Circular 03 (Circular 19 invalidated Circular 03).

“I assert that the measurement of logia is legal, our measure has been approved by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. “said Vuong Van Tuong.

Responding to the explanation of Tuong, representatives of the residents confirmed: We sign a contract with CEN Invest from 2015 to June 2016, which means before the Circular 03 expires. Therefore, the apartment area must be calculated in accordance with Circular 03.

“Obviously your employer is filling up, trying to get in touch with different legal texts and changing the concept,” said the resident.

Prior to these countermeasures, Tuong is forced to recognize the contract signed before August 15, 2016 will be calculated area under Circular 03.

However, the Deputy General Director of CEN Invest reiterated: “We have complied with the law and we are willing to bear full responsibility before the law.” If the residents feel we are wrong, can If the authorities prove that we have done wrong, if the court determines CEN Invest wrong measurement, we not only refund but also compensation, pay interest for that amount of customers, “said Tuong.

Pretending to answer this challenge, residents continue to “trace” the calculation of logia area. According to the inhabitants, the area between the inner edge and logia edge is not under the load bearing structure, not in the wall, residents do not use, so can not count on the area of ​​the apartment.

But, clinging to ownership arguments, the owner’s representative considers that this area belongs to logia and is owned by the resident so it must be included in the area of ​​the apartment.

Disputes over half an hour without reaching a final agreement, residents accepted a meeting minutes with questions about the accuracy of measuring the area of ​​the apartment.

Delayed opening of tunnel B2: CEN Invest said the “fault” of Nam Cuong

Regarding the urgency of the residents about the infrastructure, especially the delays in opening cellar B2 (while the C1 cell was cramped), CEN Invest said that the problem depends on the dynamics of Nam Cuong Group The main investment of the Parkview Residence project (CEN Invest is only the third investor in H, J, K).

“B2’s tunnel is owned by CEN Invest but due to the design of 10 buildings of Parkview Residence, synchronous ventilation, pressure and fire protection system, so if Nam Cuong has not been implemented, we also can not do, “CEN Invest representative said.

Residents of HJK Parkview Residence are pressing ahead with many answers that are somewhat challenging to investors

Residents of HJK Parkview Residence are pressing ahead with many answers that are somewhat challenging to investors

The representative also confirmed, will immediately deploy if the South Cuong construction and committed to slow open cell tunnel B2 days will be free to send the car to residents that day. However, the most important commitment is ever to make B2 tunnel, CEN Invest can not answer.

Noteworthy, when the residents asked the owner to arrange a temporary parking lot (while waiting for the construction of B2 tunnel), the representative of CEN Invest said: “Cell B1 is still there”! When residents urge a series of cases to leave the car on the road, the new investor calculates temporary alternatives such as setting up temporary parking, parking for high-rise lobby …

In addition, in relation to the basement design, residents required the developer to increase the basement surface as well as the epoxy-based dustproof coating on the stairs according to the construction drawings (as committed in the contract of sale ). Investors confirm that construction drawings do not contain these contents, however, when the residents request to bring drawings for inspection, investors can not produce them.

Beside that, CEN Invest also asked the residents about the problem of plasterboard against water, claiming not to compensate money for moving the house when repairing the ceiling – even if the construction error belongs to the investor.

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