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Chaotic Price For Rent Room In Ho Chi Minh City

Price for rent room in Ho Chi Minh

Being the largest city with the largest population in the whole country, Ho Chi Minh City has been the learning place for many people from outside the province.

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Along with the social services, room rental has become a thriving business segment here. However, due to the lack of management and planning, the chain of inns in Ho Chi Minh City is now becoming depraved that the disadvantaged are the renters.

Price disagreement for rent room

Because of the need to rent rooms for large people, most motels are never short of guests. It is customary to change the price of a room every 1 year. In industrial parks or in the city center, prices are often higher during the New Year holidays as more people rent rooms and at market prices. For student quarters, room rates for Tet holidays as at the beginning of the new school year also showed a slight increase.

Price for rent room in Ho Chi Minh
Rent a room in Ho Chi Minh City

Home-based business households are mostly spontaneous, with almost no control over the business of renting rooms. Just as there are no definite scales to assess rooms for rent (clean, security, utilities …). Most homeowners prefer to rent rooms.

According to surveys in some industrial parks and student quarters, room rates now vary from VND800,000to VND 2.5 million per room. These rooms are not fixed in terms of area, utilities but mostly renters find it reasonable to rent.

Not only the rent is not controlled but the electricity and water prices also disturb the business owner. A survey in the Thu Duc district village showed that the electricity and water costs in the motel rooms were very large.

Specifically: row A electricity is VND 2,500 / kg and water is VND50,000 / person/month well water; B series electricity bill is only VND 2,000 / kg but the water bill is VND5,000 / m3 well water. Range C electricity charge VND3,000 / kg, water charge VND8,000 / m3 well water. This is just the price of electricity and water in the students, when surveying deep in the city center, the price of electricity and water even more. At a rented room in District 5, electricity costs VND4,000 / kg, well water is VND10,000 / m3 or VND17,000 / m3.

Due to lack of management, innkeepers arbitrarily set the price of electricity and water in the sky where the disadvantaged are renters. The lives of hard-working tenants are now more and more difficult because of the “exploitation” of the innards of the innkeeper suites.

Some tips for renting nice cheap rooms in the time of the boom

Although it is a rented room, for many of them, as well as their home, is a place to go, rest after hours of hard work. To rent a cheap motel that is beautiful then we should note the following points:

Pre-rent survey: It’s hard to spend half a day Sunday to visit and find a motel that will give you more room to rent. Depending on the number of people and their requirements, you can choose large or narrow inns, tap water or well water, free or not.

Price for rent room in Ho Chi Minh
People have many options to rent rooms

Make the most of your stay: The preferred accommodation here is the concept of student dormitories, worker housing and social housing. These types of rental apartments are usually built and leased by the state, so they offer more incentives, electricity, water and other utilities than rented rooms.

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 Room amenities: as well as buying a house, renters also need to pay attention to issues such as distance, traffic, and other public facilities (hospitals, markets …) to facilitate living and work effectively. Renting a room near a place or place of work will help us save on transportation costs; Near the market, the hospital will help us save time in the event of an emergency; Near the bus station to help you move.

Price for rent room in Ho Chi Minh
Dormitory- Homestay options for many students

In addition, since there is no benchmark to set rental rates, after reviewing other factors, you may be able to negotiate with your property owner about prices, utilities and local taxes. Other uses in the contract.

The need to rent rooms in Ho Chi Minh City is not a little, but we know that choosing and screening to rent cheap accommodation just beautiful for yourself is not difficult even in the current “storm” room prices. With these tips, Vietnam Real Estate is sure you will choose for yourself the room as you like.

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