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Charmington Iris Apartment – Living Value

Charmington Iris apartment

Charmington Iris Project brings the true value to life. With the continuous rise of life, the demand for quality of human life is also increasing. 

One of the factors that make a person’s living worth is made of the apartment which they live in. Surely an apartment with superior facilities, scientific design, easy connection with other centers will help you orient the success in the future.

Charmington Iris – the magic lies in the name:

Charmington Iris  apartment
Charmington Iris District 4 wonders in the name

Following the success of previous projects, Sacomreal continues to launching the Charmington Iris luxury apartment project. The Charmington Iris is considered a high-class apartment that affirms its class’s owner by location. The project is located at the front of Ton That Thuyet Street and the front of the Saigon River and in the center of District 4. If formerly District 4 is only considered the suburb of the city, District 4 will be the center in the near future. The word ‘Iris’ in the Charmington Iris project is the name of the ancient Greek goddess. This is also the name of Dianwei species that are the flowers bringing the luck and passion. From that name, the investor wants to build Charmington Iris with the idea of creating a small and high-end urban area which shimmers along the banks of the Kinh Te River and can overlook Saigon River.

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The compelling information about Charmington Iris:

Charimington Iris was built with four towers – 35 storeys. It has a total of 1,438 apartments with 1 room, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms depending on the purpose of the user. Moreover, it also has 14 shophouses under the standard of the Charmington Iris line developed by the Sacomreal Group. The project is located at prime location: in the gold position of peninsula district 4. The building density is only 32, 81% to ensure a stable life and job for residents.

Golden location, convenient connection:

Charmington Iris  apartment
Charmington Iris owns the extremely rare and beautiful location of the heart of District 4

Located in District 4 – the heart of the city in the future, Charmington Iris owns extremely beautiful location that is the remaining of the rare land. This is adjacent to the financial, historical, political and commercial centers of District 1, not only suitable for living but also an ideal place for investment. You just take 3 minutes to connect District 1, 5 minutes to move to Phu My Hung, 7 minutes to go to Thu Thiem urban area. It is also very close to Thu Thiem Tunnel (2km), Bitexco, Ben Thanh Market and Nguyen Hue walking street. Where Charmington Iris is located will be incorporated into District 1, forming the main arteries: Ton That Thuyet, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ton Dan, Khanh Hoi. This high-end condominium has fully the necessary elements for living needs.

Luxurious design:

Charmington Iris  apartment
Luxury apartment with full facilities that Charmington Iris bring

Charminton Iris apartment is built with 4 towers in V-shaped to create a spacious and cool space. There are three sides overlooking Kenh Te, Sai Gon and Ben Nghe River. Each apartment is designed to welcome the wind, warm sunsets, early morning sunshine to create calm and peaceful. After the success of Charmington La Pointe on Cao Thang Street District 10, Charmington Iris is expected to be a high standard apartment in District 4 . Each apartment faces the river with a clear view, welcoming the wind and taking advantage of natural light. The apartments are also designed with extremely large garden outside the spacious balcony.

Why you should choose Charmington Iris District 4:

Living in Charmington Iris, you will have experiences about high standard of living with more than 30 internal facilities: reading room, gym, spa, shopping mall, overflowing pool, 900sqm swimming pool, International school, Ben Thanh Market, Metro 4, Thu Thiem 3, near Khanh Hoi Port, Nguyen Khoai Bridge, Van Don Wharf… Charmington Iris will be on sale by Sacomreal that is the leading real estate developer in the region. Accompanying District 4 with District 1 and 2 will make real estate values in District 4 in general and the Charmington Iris project increase dramatically. You can also find out more information about the Millenium Masteri project in District 4 to have more choices for your family.

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Charmington Iris Apartment – Living Value

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