Charmington Iris apartments – perfect choice for your desire

If you have just started your career, have you really chosen a suitable residence? Come to Charmington Iris Apartments located on 76 Ton That Thuyet, on the bank of the Te canal with a V-shaped structure facing the Saigon River, with unique structure as well as easy to connect with outside facilities, it will definitely be an ideal opportunity.

The special feature of Charmington Iris project in District 4 is that it is designed with primarily small area apartment but still meets the modernity and convenience for the owners. Each Charmington Iris apartment has been completed about 80% at the time it is handed over, which is convenient for you or your family when you move in, while ensuring enough space for you to arrange by yourself.

1, Types of apartments that most customers choose

A, One-bedroom apartment:

You are still single, love independent life to have your own experience? This type of one-bedroom design is the perfect choice for you. We have constructed the apartment basing on the criteria of the youth that is utilizing modern equipment. The apartment is designed simple but still ensure the beauty. It represents the talent, bravery and lifestyle of young people. Definitely after tiring working day, the separate apartment outside the noisy city will be the place you want to return. Comfortable, simple but luxurious and delicate design, the single-room design helps promote your creativity and style.

b, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment

With unique design, these apartments not only allow light, sunshine, natural wind coming to the house, but it can also prevent noise, heat bearing with the glass door frame bearing glass to guarantee the safety and private room for your whole family. The area ranging from 60 to 90 m2 is appropriately distributed for bedroom, kitchen, toilet, quite spacious and comfortable, suitable for families with young children and the elderly. The warmth is the top criteria of this kind of design. Therefore, we have installed the equipment in the most comfortable way so that you can easily decorate more to create your own space. You can take care of your family perfectly as a mother, a child as well as cultivate the whole family.

2, Garden apartment

If you are a nature lover, garden apartment is a suitable choice. Not only can you enjoy your own space, you can also take care of the space around you, the trees and the garden. This type of design makes us feel like we are living in a peaceful place at the crowded city, a modern life but also full of peace. With garden apartments, you will have a special space for your peace of mind. However, the remarkable thing of this type of apartment is its price. Because of quite spacious area, the price is also more expensive than the common price level, so you should consider carefully.

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3, Shophouse apartment

Shophouse apartment is uitable for those who intend to do business. The Charmington shophouse comprises one ground and one mezzanine. And you can register to carry on business as a shop. The number of people around in general and inside Charmington in particular is a huge and sustainable source of customer for your business. Shophouse apartment can be used to live or do business, so it has attracted quite a lot of people at all ages. You do not need to spend time moving or decorating your living space and business location as before, because now there is a perfect combination of these shophouse designs., The number of shophouse in Charmington Iris project is limited to 14, so be quick to choose the most suitable one!

Living with your own hobby and passion,  Charmington Iris apartments will be the perfect choice. The special point that we pay attention to is the harmony between modern western elements and traditional oriental concept. Each individual house in particular and the whole Charmington Iris project in general are built and designed based on the feng shui concept of the old ancestor. Therefore, the owner can be completely assured when living here. You can be completely comfortable because you have absorbed the achievements of modern science but also lived up to your own customs. Home is not only a place to live, but also the place where we feel safe and comfortable whenever returning. We have equipped with all services from hospitals, supermarkets, as well as entertainment places to ensure quality of life as well as prevent the risk in life. Have you chosen for yourself yet? Please contact with us immediately!

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