“Cheap” Apartment Under VND1 Billion In Saigon

HCMC is the largest economic, cultural and social center in the country. Along with the strong development of the economic sectors, real estate is considered the key investment channel of the city during this time.

In addition to the development of high-end real estate investments, villas or new real estate items, low-cost apartments under VND1 billion also make a fever in the city.

Saigon is flooded with cheap apartments under VND1 billion

Cheap housing is a real estate trend of HCMC from 2017 to 2020. This trend is based on the factors of demand, customer tastes as well as balance in real estate development of the city. The mid-range real estate segment, which includes low-cost apartments, provides the foundation for people to settle in and to create the “root” for the city’s socio-economic development.

Accordingly, it is estimated that by the end of 2017 the city will welcome more than 50,000 new low-cost apartments from a series of projects throughout the city. Besides the uniform distribution of projects throughout the East, West … of Saigon, the development and promotion of infrastructure and transport systems of the City Government is a major incentive. People buy houses to settle down.

"Cheap" apartment under VND1 billion in Saigon

Cheap apartments in Ho Chi Minh City are new real estate trends

Commercial banks also joined forces with the main contractors to develop the loan portfolio with many preferential policies. On the one hand, helping homebuyers alleviate the pressure on rent, while on the other hand, the profit from interest rates is relatively high at 7-10% per annum.

Cheap apartments in Ho Chi Minh City are a very practical and meaningful product for many households in HCMC, especially young couples or beginners.

The secret to buying cheap apartments in Saigon

Buying cheap apartments in Saigon today is not difficult. However, how to choose the house you want is not easy. Therefore, in order to choose a house we need to pay attention to the following issues:

Location and traffic are the top two things when we look for cheap apartments. A suitable low-cost apartment will have a relatively good location especially close to public facilities such as markets, hospitals, schools. On the other hand, the apartment must be convenient for us to work or carry children go to school. Restricting the purchase of cheap apartments in the beautiful location, but falling into the deadlift or one-way street will cause you to spend more time moving.

"Cheap" apartment under VND1 billion in Saigon

Location, traffic is a prerequisite when choosing to buy cheap apartments in HCMC

Choosing the area, the design of the apartment before buying is a smart decision for every customer. Depending on the number of family members we can choose from large or small rooms or few rooms to ensure a comfortable living space for the whole family and save money. Avoiding too big a homeowner’s event would be too costly or too small to be inconvenient.

The design of cheap apartments is relatively good because to compete, contractors are more complete and important aesthetics in each of their apartments. Therefore, customers also do not hesitate to learn, choose the design of apartments in accordance with their preferences and wishes.

"Cheap" apartment under VND1 billion in Saigon

Commencement ceremony of Unicons contractor

It is indispensable to know the project information as well as the contractor before we invest in cheap houses. Choosing a reputable and potential contractor will ensure more quality, aesthetics and transparency on your property.

Smart loans are factors that help you both own the dream home without the financial pressure when borrowing money to buy cheap housing. Customers can refer to the loan as well as the program of bank loans to minimize interest rates. In addition, you can mobilize loans close as family, friends, relatives to reduce the burden of interest.

The birth and development of the trend of cheap apartments in Ho Chi Minh City are considered a trend in the right direction of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City. From here, Ho Chi Minh City real estate has just opened the way for customers with low income and stabilize the market to help the real estate industry in Ho Chi Minh City increase strongly.

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