How are Cheap apartments, middle-end apartments, high-end apartments understood?

In the real estate market in Vietnam today, it is easy to see that there are 3 typical apartment segments, including low cost apartments, middle class apartments and luxury apartments. How are they understood?

The reality is that depending on the characteristics and properties that the apartment prices are high and low, the segment is quite clear.

In general, apartments in Vietnam are now divided into three main segments: low cost apartments (also known as economic apartments) are made available to low income people; meanwhile, middle-class apartments are targeted at middle-income earners and high-end apartments focus on high-income people in society. Apart from these three main segments, there are also many other sub-segments such as: mid-end apartment, luxury apartment … but we will not discuss in this article.

There are many factors that play a decisive role, affecting the selling price of the apartment, thereby affecting the segment of the apartment, the main factors can be mentioned as: location, project size, infrastructure, utility, landscape environment, prestige of the owner, progress of construction … Usually, the more beautiful the location, prestigious investors, modern infrastructure, more convenient Good, clean environment, clear air … the higher the price and vice versa.

Cheap apartment segment

Cheap apartments meet the needs of low-income people, financially limited. These apartments usually cost less than VND1.5 billion, typically falling from VND700 to VND1.5 billion / unit. This type of apartment is mainly located in residential projects in suburban districts, which are supported by financial loans, the package of 300,000 billion VND is an example. Currently, the demand for cheap real estate segment is still high but the supply is still “dripping”.

cheap price apartment

A cheap apartment project in District 12

A number of low-priced apartment projects in HCM City are: Topaz Home (District 12), Saigon Metro Park (Thu Duc), Binh Tan District (Tecco Town) Apartment Asa Light (District 8), apartment Auris City (District 8), apartment Citi Soho (District 2) …

For example, with the price range of VND 700 million – VND 1 billion, the area of each apartment is 45 – 90 sqm with 2-4 bedrooms, the apartments in the project to open Vincity (District 9, HCMC) is really An ideal choice for young families looking for a relaxed, private space that is quite affordable.

Mid-end apartment segment

Compared to the low-end apartment segment, the mid-end segment has a much wider coverage coverage, while the number of mid-range apartment projects enjoys prime locations in the heart of the city. great. The apartments in this segment usually cost from VND1.5 to 3 billion. Trading for middle-class segment is more exciting than two types of apartments and luxury apartments.

Lexington Residence

Inside the Lexington Residence (District 2)

In Ho Chi Minh City, the Lexington Residence (District 2), The Tresor (District 4), The Park Residence (Nha Be) … are high-end projects that many people appreciate today.

Luxury apartment segment

Together with the development of the society, the segment of high-end apartments is becoming increasingly active, targeting high income groups, successful people, businesses and foreigners. Projects in this segment usually cost more than VND3 billion each. Luxury apartments are located in the “golden” position, there are many outstanding facilities, high service quality, great space, security extremely good … These are the values that the owner of the apartment received and also the factor that makes this type of apartments become to luxious apartments.

luxury apartment segments are highrisk

High-end projects are very well designed

Currently, the real estate market in the high-end segment is also quite bustling, prices increased slightly. A number of high-end and luxury apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is attracting a lot of attention, including Vinhomes Golden River (District 1), Empire City (District 2), Q2 Thao Dien (District 2), Estella Heights (District 2) …

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