Cheap real estate in HCM City developed sharply in 2018

Cheap real estate in HCMC is a trend in 2018. According to forecasts, the development of cheap real estate is the right direction.

This is to meet the needs of the majority of people today. Because most of them have average income and the ability to buy high-end home is not large.

The move to real estate is cheap

2017 is a successful year for the real estate market in general. And according to forecasts of the HCMC Real Estate Association, 2018 will continue to be a successful year. However, the real estate market of HCM City 2018 will have a new transformation. That is the focus on developing the segment of cheap real estate in HCM City.

real estate in HCMC

Cheap real estate HCM City will take the throne in 2018

Many people are not eligible to buy luxury housing

Average income of Vietnamese people is low. Most people earn less than VND10 million a month. There are even people under VND5 million/month. Therefore, the development of real estate market needs to pay attention to meet the demand.

The creation of high-end real estate products is the right direction but it should only develop at some point. It has flourished in 2017 and has been very successful with a number of outstanding projects. However, there is a need to adjust the supply and demand of the real estate market.

Developing affordable housing is the right response

A strong move towards the low-end segment of the real estate market is justified. Many of the major real estate agents have noticed the supply of high-end rock quarries. Meanwhile, the supply of cheap segment is lacking that people’s needs are large. Because the average number of middle-income people is the purchase of a luxury apartment is quite expensive. This also boosted the real estate trading floor higher in recent years and promises 2018 will also continue to increase thanks to this segment.

estate in HCM City

The move to the cheap real estate segment is justified

HCM City’s stable real estate market is stable thanks to state management in 2018

Many people are concerned about the real estate market will appear virtual fever. And it’s likely that the cheap segment will fall into that. However, according to forecasts of HCM City real estate association, this situation will not happen.

State intervention in time

Given the state’s timely intervention by effective state management policies. Along with that, the owners are quite flexible in making products suitable for the market.

Therefore, most of the fever or the real estate market bubble in HCM City will not happen. Because of the shift to this segment of the real needs of the people.

estate in HCM City

Cheap real estate segment offers new direction for investors

It is hoped that in 2018, the segment of the real estate market in HCM City will be successful. Investors will have new investment and people will have houses they like.

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