Choose “Cost-effective” Building Materials During The Storm

Not only prices of materials such as sand, brick, steel and cement have risen, but labor costs have also increased sharply in recent years, causing many construction companies and people “distorted”.

The contractor and the people cried

Trinh Hoai Linh, Director of Code Architecture and Construction, said that in the first quarter of 2017, steel prices increased 30%, cement prices increased 20%, other materials prices increased from 10-20%, prices workers increase by 20-30%.

“The company contracted 6 works before prices rose. If done without words, cancel the contract will lose prestige, “she said.

Similarly, according to Tran Ngoc Lam, Director of Gia Phu Construction Company in Ho Chi Minh City, although the contract signed in advance calculated the inflation factor, but price fluctuations are higher than estimated.

building materials

The construction and repair of school weather data will make the construction of the project and the patient a headache.

“We accept break even to keep credibility with customers or suffer losses in the rough construction, but to the completion will have to sit back with customers to discuss the new price,” Lam said.

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However, Lam said that the price of building materials is negotiable, but labor is difficult. In the past, the price of construction workers has also increased, with the price of around VND 180,000 – 230,000 per day, the main workers being VND 250,000-300,000 per day. This is extremely difficult for the contractor, because if they do not accept this price, the workers will move to another place, leading to slow construction progress and can be very heavy penalty from customers due to slow progress.

Not only are investors tired of rising material prices, people are also struggling with plans to build homes.

Mr. Cung lives in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City had to stop planning to build his house even though the house is already degraded. The reason is that the budget has increased too much.

“My house of 60 m2 was calculated at the end of last year with construction cost of about VND 800 million, but up to now, if the construction price has increased to nearly 1.2 billion. With this money, I might not handle it anymore, “he said.

How to build a house in a hurry?

Ms. Linh said, to reduce costs, many investors choose cheap materials. However, choosing cheap building materials, but how to ensure quality is a very difficult for people.

The market for building materials, interior decoration has many products of domestic and foreign manufacturers. To attract customers, manufacturers constantly market new products with rich and varied models.

Thanks to this competition, consumers have more choices. However, from here, the counterfeit goods, goods of poor quality mixed tea into harm to consumers.

building materials

Not only are investors tired of rising material prices, people are also struggling with plans to build homes.

“Finding a product that makes both satisfies and have good quality is always a” difficult problem” for consumers. With such “matrices”, consumers can hardly recognize what a quality product, “she said.

Ms. Linh advised, before deciding to build a house, people need to consider how the construction area and how many floors, the ground is weak or small alley way … With limited funds, builders need to consult beautiful models are worth less than 1 billion. When choosing the right model, people can consult with friends who built the house to see the price and where appropriate building materials. Finally, to write down each item: building the floor, pouring the panels, the cost of buying furniture according to the process.

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For building materials, the current market price volatility is due to retail establishments. Consequently, people should avoid purchasing materials from unlisted shops and sell unclear brands and buy non-originating products, the quality of the works will not be guaranteed.

For construction machinery and equipment, whether they build new homes or repair old homes, it is very important to choose the right equipment for your project.

According to Ms. Linh, to save money, depending on the size of the building, people can rent scaffolds of different sizes to suit. Construction machinery must serve the construction materials. With waterproof mortar, it is necessary to use a small waterproof mortar to ensure the progress of construction, shorten the working time, save labor costs.

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