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Choosing “Eco Green q7 apartment” if you want to own to high quality life

Eco Green Sai Gon

Eco Green Q7 apartment enjoys good location, easy to move to Phu My Hung, perfect utility system including 2 floors of high-class commercial and services.

As one of the projects receiving a lot of attention of customers and investors, Eco Green Q7 has been a name that has received a lot of attention from customers and investors. With the advantage of owning the favorable location, it is easy to move to Phu My Hung urban area and own the perfect utility system with 2 floors of high-class commercial and service. Promising Eco Green Q7 apartments will bring the best quality living for all residents.

Eco Green SaiGon Project
The view of the Eco Green Q7 apartment project is very modern, luxurious and classy in the heart of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh

Move to Phu My Hung thanks to the favorable location of Eco Green Q7.

Owning a prime location right in front of Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, from Eco Green apartment project Q7 just 2km from Phu My Hung Urban Area, promising to bring more convenience to all residents.

Especially, with the ownership of this prime location, Eco Green Q7 is located in a crowded residential area with four main areas adjacent to:

East of Eco Green Q7 is adjacent to the existing residential area.

The West is adjacent to Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard.

In the south, the project is adjacent to Huong Tram Park with the size up to 20ha.

In the north, it is adjacent to Nguyen Van Linh and Tan Thuan bridge.

Eco Green Sài Gòn
Eco Green Q7 apartment project is located in front of Nguyen Van Linh street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city

With 4 sides of the city, the Eco Green Q7 residents can move easily to nearby places quickly.

Not only easy to connect to Phu My Hung, Eco Green Q7 apartment project can easily connect to District 1, District 2, District 4, District 8, Nha Be District, Binh Chanh District … Moreover, Eco Green Q7 is located adjacent to the Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho crossroads, the position is preparing to implement the bridge-tunnel project. All of this adds value to the entire Eco Green Q7 project.

Shopping in luxury shopping center at Eco Green Q7.

Not only the owner of the prime location in the heart of District 7, all residents of Eco Green Q7 also inherited the whole system of utilities outside the district is extremely class.

First of all, there is the eco-friendly shopping center system that Eco Green Q7 has. With two commercial floors with full services such as shopping center with famous brands such as Guci, Luois Vuiton, Charles & Keith, Galaxy Cinema, … located within the project area. All customers can easily go to this shopping mall, enjoy shopping and have fun with your favorite items.

With a large park, green space is arranged alternately, walking area with BBQ system, multi-purpose sports yard, living room community … bring living space extremely fresh. 4-star resort, outdoor cafe, Vietnamese restaurant, French restaurant is also fully integrated at Eco Green Q7, will certainly bring the best dining space for all residents.

Eco Green
The Eco Green Q7 apartment has 2 floors of high-end business services that make it easy for guests to shop and shop for their favorite items

For those who want to relax or take good care of their body, you can come to the high-end spa, modern gym, yoga room or Sauna room inside the Eco Green Q7. With state-of-the-art fitness equipment and high-end spa services, you are sure to own the body you desire.

What about the education of the children of Eco Green residents Q7? Is there any school built inside the Eco Green Q7? The answer is yes. With the elementary school system, pre-school integrated within the project area will make it easy for residents to pick up their children. Not only that, medical centers, clinics and hospitals are also integrated within the Eco Green Q7 apartments bring quality of life perfect for all residents.

Eco Green apartment Q7 – Inherit the perfect utility system.

Owning a prime location in District 7, all Eco Green residents in Q7 have inherited all of the other suburban utilities in the area. Specifically:

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Business Center: Eco Green Q7 is located in the commercial center of Crescent Mail, Vivo City, Vinmart, Co.op Mart, Big C, Parkson …

Hospital: Eco Green Q7 apartment is also located in big diseases such as Tam Duc Heart Hospital, FV Hospital, obstetric hospital ….

Price: Near RMIT University, University of Marketing, Ton Duc Thang University, ..

The system is very diverse outside the area is rich around Eco Green Sai Gon project
The project inherits the system of facilities outside the classy and convenient transportation systems.

In addition, Eco Green Q7 is also near the Phu My Market, My Son Bridge, Phu My Bridge, especially near Phu My Hung to move easily and quickly than ever.

Owning a favorable location, perfect home-use system, Eco Green Q7 apartment will be the perfect choice for all residents.

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