Classic Furnishings With Masterpieces Of Art – Why Not?

Using art masterpieces to decorate the interior is one way to make your apartment luxurious, classic, especially suitable for the luxury segment.

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In the past, artistic masterpieces in interior design were used primarily for classical or neo-classical architecture, but nowadays it is popular in modern architecture. The choice of masterpieces to create a focus for space is dependent on the interests and characteristics of the owner, but mainly on the theme of family and ethics.

Decorating the interior with an old man and his grandson painting.

Painted by sculptors, painters, architects, engineers, poets Michelangelo in 1490, An Old Man and his Grandson is considered one of Italy’s best and one of the most original works of the portraits in the 15th Century. At present, many people use this painting to create the most points for the interior of the house as well as increase the close, close family home.

Classic interior decoration with art masterpieces

Decorate your home with Michelangelo’s An Old Man and his Grandson

The picture is quite simple with the two main characters he and his grandchildren, while he was holding his hand carefully, the little nephew was also looking innocent eyes towards his grandfather. The color of the uniform between his clothes and his grandchildren in red color adds to the family affection between the two characters.

Beautiful house idea with art masterpiece L’innocence (Clarity)

The work was commissioned by the French artist William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1893. The picture is of mythical and classic color, a unique variation on the idea of beautiful houses.

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Classic interior decoration with art masterpieces

William Insolence by William Adolphe Bouguereau

In the picture, the young mother in white suits, carrying her baby and a white sheep – both are in peaceful sleep. The character of the child and the sheep is a manifestation of the innocence, pure and pure, combined with the image of the mother who created the profound humanity of the painting, demonstrating that her love for her baby. It is the most sacred and precious of the world.

Therefore, William Adolphe Bouguereau is well suited for interior design.

Beautiful house with painting An Old Woman Cooking Eggs

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs is one of the most successful paintings of Velazquez. Currently, when buying beautiful homes, families are also very often choose this picture to hang in the living room or bedroom.

Classic interior decoration with art masterpieces

Beautiful house with painting An Old Woman Cooking Eggs

The painting depicts a grandmother teaching her grandchildren how to cook strictly, while the grandchildren are attentive to every word and movement of her grandmother. Although it is simple and simple action, the picture also shows that love of family is always present in every situation.

Home furnishings sometimes do not need to be so ostentatious, colorful than just using one of these art masterpieces, your living space was impressive and luxurious.

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