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Clockwatcher And Taboos In Feng Shui Houses

Almost every family hangs their watch with the intention of knowing exactly what time is or just plain beautiful. However, most of us do not know ourselves watches also have a great impact on the whole feng shui of the whole family.

Along with pictures, watches are also considered as ornaments that bring refined beauty to the home. However, when hanging watches also need to pay attention to what is considered “not recommended” in feng shui to get a happy and peaceful home.

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Clockwatcher and taboos in feng shui houses
Above the sofa should not be placed on the clock will easily put psychological pressure on the person sitting below

According to the concept of Oriental Feng Shui, all objects that are active can affect Feng Shui in the home. Watches are constantly moving, so when the home decor needs to pay attention to the following:

  1. The clockwatcher can be positioned in the direction of Chuo because the direction of the front is in the cell. According to Feng Shui, the direction of the Dragon is the direction of the sand, so the left side of the room can hang the clock.
  2. Do not hang or arrange White Tiger, because this direction is hung so the right room is not hanging the clock.
  3. Do not layout clock in Huyen Vu direction, because this direction is the back should not be static.
  4. The top of the sofa should not be placed on the clock will easily put psychological pressure on the person sitting below.
  5. Do not choose the clock with sharp corners or sharp shapes that will cause many disadvantages and disturbances in the air when moving into the house.
  6. Do not place the watch face inside the home but should turn to the door and balcony. The watch is in motion so that when the house is empty people can still make the room full of vitality.
  7. Do not hang the clock pointing to anything that looks like it or the image of the Eight-Sword, this arrangement will make the spirit of homeowners susceptible to inhibitions and frustrations.
  8. In the bedroom, especially hanging the clock at the head of the bed or position opposite the bed causing gloomy atmosphere, sad.

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