Closed ecology at VinCity Grand Park

As a public building project, VinCity Grand Park Apartment is fully equipped with all the facilities Vingroup brings to its projects.

Average price but not cheap

VinCity Grand Park is a new direction for Vingroup investors when targeting the masses. The total area of the project is over 300ha, the construction density that Vingroup investors commit is from 20-25%. The expected height of each block will be from 22 to 25 floors. In particular, the area of each apartment ranged from 35sqm to 90sqm. As such, VinCity Grand Park will provide customers with one to three bedroom apartments.

VinCity Grand Park Project

VinCity Grand Park offers an average price of VND 700 million.

The price of each apartment is only 700 million. Compared with neighboring projects in District 9, VinCity Grand Park is much cheaper. Considering the convenience of the area, the price to own a house here is very attractive

Since the introduction of the project, Vingroup has committed VinCity Grand Park to bring the full benefits that Vingroup provides to other high end projects such as:

  • Water supply system is stable
  • Powerful backup system in public areas
  • Central air conditioner (for common corridor)
  • The landscape of the street is arranged in harmony with the common facilities for residents
  • Send a smart car
  • Common activities aimed at linking activities within the community
  • Outdoor swimming pool to meet the needs of swimming, exercise and sports of the people
  • Sports ground system: mini soccer field, basketball court, tennis court
  • Gymnasium with modern equipment
  • 24/7 surveillance camera system

Introducing the VinCity project from 2016 is the remarkable move of Vingroup. VinCity is deployed in major cities and provinces, giving low-income middle-income customers the opportunity to own homes in major cities.

Low cost housing in the eyes of most people is the project of low quality, poor planning, located in remote areas and no outstanding utility. Vingroup has completely changed this thinking with the VinCity project including VinCity Grand Park. At a reasonable price, people with average incomes can still enjoy the same benefits as high income earners.

Comfortable living in a closed ecosystem at VinCity Grand Park

VinCity Grand Park is built according to the miniature city model with complete infrastructure facilities: education, health, sports, culture, shopping, entertainment.

Vinschool education system

Vinschool education system

The Vincity Grand Park urban areas will be developed with a comprehensive Vinschool education system, which serves children from pre-primary, elementary, junior high school to high school. Vinschool is a high quality Vietnamese school system, equipped with excellent educational facilities.

In addition to the inter-school system, VinCity Grand Park will also be built Vinmec Hospital. Vincom Plaza Trade Center system is indispensable in the overall project. This is an ideal place for customers to enjoy shopping and enjoy relaxing space and comfortable dining.

The sports complex at VinCity Grand Park is equipped with a professional and varied sport field (tennis, badminton, football, basketball, swimming pool …) to meet the needs of training and health care. Modern entertainment area, unique with modern 3D cinema, 4D .. In addition, Vingroup owner will also put into use green park along the river area up to 50ha VinCity Grand Park project.

Residents will be fully cared for, enjoying the ecosystem that the owner brings. Besides, VinCity Grand Park has potential in the future than existing projects. VinCity Grand Park is only 5 minutes drive from the new East Bus Station, located at 365ha on Nguyen Xien street, Phuoc Thien street, Long Binh ward, Ho Chi Minh city.

In addition to the intersection of Nguyen Xien and Phuoc Thien, the rest of the Vincity Grand Park will be surrounded by Dong Nai River and Tac River.

Construction density at Sunshine Avenue accounted for only 43%

Residents of VinCity Grand Park enjoy fully closed ecosystems such as Vingroup’s high-end projects.

Thus, with the clear orientation from the owner and the facilities, ecosystems closed here, the project “small but martial” somewhat will help stabilize the segment of cheap housing is on the upward trend, Offering a creditable choice for customers looking for a comfortable life at an affordable price.

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