Combining 4 Styles Of Beautiful Villa Design Is The Most Popular Today

Owned by beautiful villas is a dream of many people, but if it is designed in the style of the owner’s favorite then this dream will be much more perfect.

Compared to tube houses, condominiums or level 4 houses, the investment cost for villas is much higher. Because the standard of a beautiful mansion is not only spacious, expensive but also unique and impressive. Read with Mogi update 4 styles of design villas are the most popular today.

Garden house

Comfortable living space, close to nature, makes garden villas always the first choice for homeowners. However, to build this beautiful villa, you will have a very large garden.

Designing beautiful villa

Garden villas are chosen by many people

The exterior of the garden house is rustic, simple with wood or warm lilac color, which makes us feel like we are back in peaceful areas. Also, home furnishings garden villas have many options, homeowners can decorate in classic style, neo-modern, modern or Rustic rustic style. This is also the not bad idea.

Designing beautiful villa

The interior of the Royal Classic style villa

Designing beautiful villa

Or Rustic style furniture rustic but no less unique

Beautiful old French style villa

Beautiful French villa style ancient impressed by the noble, noble. Building a house of this type is a way to show the class of the owner with a very delicate aesthetic taste.

Designing beautiful villa

Luxury, the right is the image of the design of ancient French villas

The exterior of the old French mansion features large pillars covered with elaborate reliefs, lustrous paintings that are polite. Meanwhile, the interior is lavish, splendidly decorated with fake Wang style.

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Designing beautiful villa

The interiors of French colonial villas are beautifully decorated

Modern design villa style

General features of modern villa design are rectangular cubes, definitive lines and angles. This mansion gives us a fresh and healthy image of modern life, suitable for young couples.

Designing beautiful villa

Corner square, square is the style of modern villas

Similar to the exterior, the trend of modern interiors of the villa is quite simple, almost without the use of decorative details that are cumbersome, but more convenient. Open space, clean air to help people always feel comfortable entering the space of this house.

Designing beautiful villa

Interior design in the direction of minimize

New Classic style Villa

This is a beautiful villa created by the perfect combination of ancient French style and modern style. Not so many details carved elaborately engraved, nor inclined to the angular edge personality, New classic is the liberal in the framework, noble, noble but still young, dynamic.

Designing beautiful villa

The perfect combination of ancient and modern French style for the launch of the classic New Century villas

Likewise, the interior design of the Tan Classic villa is also impressed by its unique blend of vintage features.

Designing beautiful villa

The interior design is characteristic of vintage style

Based on these four styles, homeowners can navigate images when buying a villa or building a new one. And do not forget to share your family’s beautiful dream villa with Vietnam Real Estate!

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