Coming soom  a hotel Travelodge in Vietnam

The Travelodge hotel is part of The Arena. The project is a name that is market fever by being developed under the unique resort model with four festive seasons.

“The hotel brand name Travelodge will be in Vietnam …”, said Jonathan Wigle – Managing Director of Travelodge, the leading hotel management in Thailand.

The Arena Cam Ranh “handshake” with the big brand

The Arena Cam Ranh project will be launched by the Travelodge in 2020. The hotel will feature “The Lodge”, a full day dining restaurant, a gym and a large swimming pool. The Arena is also a part of The Arena, offering a range of amenities, including beach clubs, playgrounds, retail stores and restaurants.

Travelodge is a US-based luxury hotel chain, originally owned by Wynham Hotel Corp and acquired by Blackstone in 2005. After that, Travelodge continued to grow in England, India, the Middle East.

The Arena resort

The Arena resort was built in Cam Ranh Bay with unique architecture, modern

In Asia, Travelodge has been in the Philippines, Madivels, Singapore. Last year, Travelodge became more famous for opening Travelodge hotels in Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Currently, more than 1,000 Travelodge hotels are located throughout North America, Europe and Australia, and the brand will continue to grow in Asia for its rich potential.

Thanks to the global marketing network, Traveloge has easy access to a diverse range of international visitors and is an important factor in ensuring that occupancy rates are always filled. More importantly, the brand reputation and development orientation of Traveloge in Asian markets, especially the Vietnam market is also the plus point that Nha Trang Bay – the owner of the Arena mind when deciding to shake hands with this brand.

Representative of Nha Trang Bay, said: “We need a reputable, potential partner, a large hotel chain in the world but must understand the local and have the business strategies in that locality. It is important to have the right direction for the whole development process. “

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A unique resort model

“We consider Vietnam to be a very important destination for the company,” said Stephen Burt, president of Travelodge Asia, a vibrant country with an increasing number of international visitors. In addition, the government’s support for transport and infrastructure will help the hotel industry continue to grow. “

The Arena Cam Ranh is a complex of tourist, convalescence, entertainment and commercial area of ​​29 ha, located in Nguyen Tat Thanh, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa. The project is the name of market fever by developing a model of unique community resort with more than 30 utilities, prominent among them are the unique, such as: contains 15,000, the ideal place to organize cultural events – social – sports international stature. Or, swimming pool level three levels are divided into three separate zones: mineral water pool to help restore energy, health care; Mineral water saltwater bath will help visitors to experience the sea bath even in the windy days and super fresh water tank.

The Travelodge Thailand's

The Travelodge Thailand’s room capacity is always filled by its modern convenience

In particular, hot mineral water source is taken directly from Cam Ranh Bay to ensure the highest safety and quality. The first pedestrian walkway in Cam Ranh creates a vibrant axis attached to the entrance from Nguyen Tat Thanh to Bai Dai Beach, connecting to the square and Olympic swimming pool will become impressive street catwalks. At The Arena, visitors can easily connect with each other, endless emotions sizzling in the party of sound, light successively stretching to the shore …

The Arena Cam Ranh project invested by Nha Trang Bay Investment JSC, expected to be handed over in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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