Compared Vincity Apartment Project, District 9 With Nearby Cheap Projects

Compared with other cheap projects nearby, what is the Vincity Apartment District 9 project outstanding? This is definitely a question many customers are interested in learning about this project. 

Since the launch of Vingroup, the low-cost Vincity apartment project in District 9 has attracted tremendous interest from a wide range of customers, including real estate investors and households. Have low and medium income. Many experts said, with the price of only VND 700 million per unit, District 9 Vincity apartment is the cheapest housing project in the real estate market today.

Vincity District 9 is located in the prime location of District 9, Long Binh Ward and Long Thanh My, besides this project are many other cheap apartment projects. All contributed to change the face of residential District 9 in particular and the East of HCMC in general.

Compared Vincity apartment project

Perspective of Vincity apartment project District 9

Overview of District 9 Vincity you should know:

  • Project scale: Over 300ha
  • Building density is from 20 to 25%
  • Public utilities: Medical Center; sports facilities and service infrastructure; schools, trees, landscapes, shopping centers, convenience stores
  • Estimated height: 22-25 stories
  • Apartment area: 35sqm – 90sqm
  • Expected price:  from VND 13 million to VND 19 million / sqm

Compare Vincity apartment project District 9 with nearby cheap projects

The object we will compare is Vincity apartment District 9 and imitation cheap projects in District 9 such as Him Lam Phu An project, The Art Gia Hoa project, Sun Tower project, Flora Project UK Digging, Fuji Flora project.

In terms of location: Vincity District 9’s location has the potential and potential to increase in the future more than existing projects. According to Vietnam real estate, VinCity District 9 is just 5 minutes drive from the new East Bus Station, located at 365ha on Nguyen Xien Street, Phuoc Thien Street, Long Binh Ward, Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the intersection between Nguyen Xien and Phuoc Thien, the rest of District 9 Vincity will be surrounded by Dong Nai River and Tac River. This place is still relatively untouched, but has a cool and cool environment all year round, clear and clean, not as dusty as in the inner city.

Compared Vincity apartment project

Location of Vincity project District 9

Important traffic routes around the Vincity area District 9:

  • Ring Road 3 connects Ho Chi Minh City with Binh Duong and Dong Nai provinces.
  • Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway.
  • Mai Chi Tho street through Thu Thiem tunnel connecting District 9, District 2, District 1, Binh Thanh District.
  • The Hanoi Highway has been expanded.
  • The metro railway from Suoi Tien crosses District 9 into the city center.

Regarding price: Vincity District 9 has the lowest price from VND 700 million/bedroom apartment. This is considered the cheapest selling price for an apartment project currently on the market today. If compared to the minimum selling price of some projects in District 9 Vincity seems cheaper than double, namely: Him Lam Phu An (VND1.5 billion), The Art Gia Hoa (VND1.6 billion), Sun Tower (VND1.3 billion), Flora Anh Dao (VND1.3 billion), Flora Fuji (VND1.6 billion).

Regarding the payment method: Among the projects that are open for sale in District 9, the Him Lam Phu An apartment project has the most attractive payment method, only 1% / month, slightly higher than expected. Flora Fuji Project. Vincity Project currently has no official information on payment methods but is forecast to be very competitive and attractive to customers.

~~~>>Update on new information on the real estate law in Vietnam here: Vietnam real estate law

Considering the quality of the project: The Vincity District 9 project will probably outperform other projects in District 9, as Vietnam real estate information is available, Vincity will be built by Coteccons. Vingroup Corporation. These are the two most prominent names in the real estate market, one of the most prestigious investors in 2017 and one of the most prestigious contractors in 2017. Regarding the area of apartments: The area of apartments of the existing projects in District 9 is about 47m2 or more, most apartments are from 60sqm to 75sqm, while Vincity apartments in District 9 are expected to fall into about 35sqm to 90sqm, suitable for most customers.

Compared Vincity apartment project

Interior Perspective of Vincity Project District 9

Regarding management fee: Existing projects are currently managed at about VND6,000 – VND 11,000 /sqm while Vincity project management costs are expected to be VND4,000-VND8,000 / sqm.

In terms of utility: Vietnam real estate evaluation, the utility of Vincity will certainly be better than other projects are existing in District 9. Usually, the real estate projects will have some popular utilities such as: swimming pool, home Young, eco-lakes, trees … But with strong potential, Vingroup’s owner will bring a number of other outstanding utilities into the Vincity project, such as shopping centers, water and lighting, hospitals, schools, etc. This is considered to be a strong influence on the decision to buy a house and confirm the name of Vingroup in the market.

In terms of scale: Certainly the existing projects in District 9 are only a fraction of the VinCity project.

Consider the time of handover: The existing projects are now handed over, some projects are about 1.5 years later, while the delivery time of Vincity apartment District 9 is still the question mark. Vietnam real estate will update the information soon to the client in the next article.

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