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Completed The Planning Of The 1/2000 Zoning Plan In District 12

Completed the planning of the 1/2000 zoning plan in District 12

People’s Committee of District 12 urgently completed the review and implementation of the zoning plan 1/2000 scale, listing the areas need to adjust due to lack of feasibility affect the interests of the people.

On November 29, the HCM City People’s Committee has assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to coordinate with the People’s Committee of District 12 to expeditiously complete the review and evaluation of the implementation of the planning of subdivision projects with a scale of 1/2000 in the area.

Make a list of areas to be adjusted due to the lack of feasibility, prolonging the implementation time, affecting the legitimate interests of people in the area.

The HCM City People’s Committee also assigned functional departments to guide People’s Committee of District 12 in granting construction permits. Select the location to swap, create resources for infrastructure investment in District 12.

Completed the planning of the 1/2000 zoning plan in District 12
Ho Chi Minh City created a ventilation mechanism for district 12 to improve infrastructure

Suggested mechanism of infrastructure investment for three riverside wards are Thanh Loc, Thanh Xuan, An Phu Dong under the investment mechanism of the new rural construction program.

At the same time, proposals for investment in transport works such as Vuon Lai Street, Vam Thuat River, Hai Huy Giap Street, Thoi An – Thanh Xuan Interchange Road, Bau crossroads to the intersection with the North East Road, the upper road number 5.

Fund allocation to District People’s Committee 12 soon completed construction, expansion and upgrading District 12 standard hospital standard 500 beds. To supplement the payrolls of public general education institutions, teachers of general education, teachers in charge of school counseling and nurturing staff in public preschool establishments.

Completed the planning of the 1/2000 zoning plan in District 12
a section of traffic on District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Previously, the People’s Committee of HCM City also assigned police fire prevention and fire proposal to resolve the case of apartments in District 12 not tested on fire prevention and fighting but has put into operation is Hung Ngan, Thai An 3, Thai An 4, Kim Tam Hai, Tecco …

Proposals for dealing with construction establishments before 1975 and before the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting in 2001 take effect, failing to ensure the fire prevention and fighting safety conditions.

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