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Condominium Owners Put In People To Stay

The apartment has not been accepted for the people

Investor of Tecco Tower Tham Luong apartment for residents to stay in the test before acceptance fire.

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“The company sells apartments to people and let people in. Commitment to the project must be timely. People have no faults. However, it is very dangerous to put the works that have not been tested for fire prevention and fighting. I say simply as the elevator does not guarantee fire safety, lift suspended on, fire on the bottom is only dead.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Thanh, Deputy Director of the Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting, HCMC Fire Fighting Police, interviewed Tecco Tower’s Attorney at Tham Luong (287 Phan Van Hon, District 12). “When we put 49 households (about 150 people) into the house when the works have not been accepted for fire.

Punishment is not bored

This building has three blocks, each block is 15 floors by the Investment Corporation Construction and New Technology Application (Tecco) as the investor.

Previously, on November 22, the authorities determined that Tecco Tower Apartment in Tham Luong has not completed the items on fire safety and should not accept the fire for an apartment. However, Block A has many households to stay in the fire so the TPC sanctioned Tecco CompaND80 million and strictly prohibits the people to live in.

On December 22, HCMC Fire Police continue to detect 49 households (about 150 people) were in block B of this apartment although this block has not been tested for fire. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy, a representative of Tecco, said that due to pressure on demand of customers, investors agreed to hand over the apartment soon. “At the handover, the people said they were only packing and decorating the interior. In this process we have no control over so many households have come in. “

However, Le Kien Cuong, the owner of apartment A1006, confirmed with his reporters and other households received invitations to hand over the apartment of the new owner moved in. “I moved here from the beginning of December 2016. The investor sent us a new invitation to move, “- he said Cuong and pointed to the surrounding apartments continue:” The white door households have moved in. “

The apartment has not been accepted for the people
HCMC Fire Police checked a category not meet firefighting requirements should request a replacement

Do not put the burden on the people

Prior to that fact, the police in HCMC required Tecco to stop handing over the remaining apartments. At the apartments handed over and people in, the investor must take responsibility to strengthen fire prevention measures, ensure fire safety and take responsibility if the fire occurs.

The representative of the investor said that the regular attendants at the works. In addition, Tecco has prepared fire protection measures in the event of an accident. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thuy also committed on January 10, 2017, will improve, overcome the problems in the apartment.

Lieutenant Colonel Tran Van Thanh asserted that it was a violation of Decree 167/2013 to allow people to stay in the house. Therefore, HCMC Fire Police continue to make records, sanction Tecco VND80 million.

“The fault belongs to the owner. People are not guilty and they have moved into the living if forced out will disturb their lives. The important thing is to overcome, guide the people on fire safety, only the exit if the worst case of fire occurs, “- said Thuong Thanh.

Colonel Thanh also assessed that some equipment and firefighting items have been completed. For the remaining equipment and items, the investor is committed to replacing the standard and finished on January 10. “If the 10-1, the owner is still not complete, the FPF HCMC will coordinate with District People’s Committee 12 and organizations to take enforcement measures,” – Thuong Thanh stressed.

HCMC police have identified many apartment buildings, high-rise buildings have not accepted the fire, but still put people in the office building 34 Ton Duc Thang (District 1); Apartment 410, Hung Vuong apartment (District 5), Bui Minh Truc apartment (District 8), Kim Tam Hai apartment building, Thai An 3 & 4 apartment (District 12), Dream Home apartment (Go Vap district) …

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In particular, a fire occurred in HQC Plaza apartment (Nguyen Van Linh street, Binh Chanh district). Accordingly, late 15-7, the fire broke out at block 11, Block HQC Plaza. The firefighters of HCMC firefighter more than 20 fire engines and three car ladders to put out the fire. Firefighters instructed dozens of people to escape to the ground and brought four victims stranded on high floors to safety.

The apartment has not been accepted for the people

Exchanging with Ho Chi Minh City Law, Vu Trong Dac, Deputy General Director of Hoang Quan Real Estate Joint Stock Company, admits that residents have been allowed to stay in the fire when they have not been tested in block 4. “According to the contract, 6-2016 we will hand over the house to customers but slow progress. Therefore, the residents urgent and we have to let them in temporary. After the incident, we let 40 residents at block 4 live temporarily at the empty apartments in other blocks. Out of households, we support each household VND 3 million / month. At present, we have completed firefighting for Block 4 and handed over apartments to residents, “said Mr. Dac.

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