Condotel Cam Ranh – continues to launch market

Condotel Cam Ranh, one of the most anticipated projects – is known as a super resort project of reputable investors Nha Trang Bay Joint Stock Company. The launching ceremony features what awaits customers and investors.

On the morning of January 7th, Tran Thai Cam Ranh Joint Stock Company held the launching ceremony of The Arena Project at Diamon Bay Center Hotel in Nha Trang. . The launch attracted hundreds of investors to attend.

Condotel Cam Ranh

On January 7 Condotel Cam Ranh officially launched real estate market

This is the event marking the success of Condotel The Arena Bai Dai in the real estate market resort. Providing the resort market with a new perspective on the resort style, entertainment, where togetherness, friendship, cultural exchange, community connection.

For the first time there is a grand opening ceremony that follows a whole new style

Condotel The Arena will be launched in Hanoi at the end of November 2017, with a theme program “Festival” held in a completely new style and unprecedented creativity.

The opening ceremony will be held outdoors with the simulation of airy space, green space and impression of the holiday resort The Arena. Customers will experience complete design of the project from the entrance to the pedestrian area, with the vibrant atmosphere in this area in harmony with the performance of street artists.

Arrive at the Seafood Market where you can sample lots of fresh seafood. Afterwards, guests can experience the luxury and class of F & B Lounge. And finally the splendid space of The Arena.

special entertainment programs

Contributing to the success of the project are promotional items as well as special entertainment programs

The launch event is a simulation of the diverse and attractive gadgets of the project with super-sharp 3D images, videos of project designs displayed on the modern Outdoor LED display, monumental.

Special programs in the launching ceremony

The event was held with a lot of exciting and exquisite art performances, with the appearance of many famous singers, actors and artists such as Phuong Vy Idol, the band Linh Ka .. Each item gives investors a scenic poetic, lyrical, smooth, deposited Bai Dai Beach.

Inviting guests to the Walking Street project at The Arena Cam Ranh along with culinary pleasures will be developed at Food Street. Besides the Broadway art show with passionate moments to enjoy the atmosphere of four festive holiday season at the large arena Arena … This is what the owner of Tran Thai Cam JSC. Ranh wants to bring you and investors and smart customers, it is a luxury resort, fun filled with gadgets that just go once do not want to leave.

Become the first owner of Condotel Cam Ranh

The Arena Cam Ranh project is located in block D14D Nguyen Tat Thanh, located in the planned resort north Cam Ranh peninsula with a scale of 29ha. Owning the golden location project has just inherited the beauty of the natural landscape and transport infrastructure.

Guests only move about 5 minutes to Cam Ranh airport, 15 minutes to Cam Ranh city and 30 minutes to Nha Trang city.

The unique and impressive design project with four Condotel condos form the wavy soft oat is one of the outstanding features of the province of Khanh Hoa. Taking the idea of ​​the Four Great Formations into the universe: Earth – Water – Fire – Gas to create a balance and prosperity for the homeowners when owned here. And 100% of Condotel The Arena apartments are facing the sea overlooking the sea with direct sunlight, natural wind beach Bai Dai. The interiors are intermingled with 34 state-of-the-art amenities that incorporate five-star facilities of surrounding projects.

the Arena Cam Ranh

Impression of the Arena on the luxury design, class

The arena is perhaps the arena of Colosseum in Italy with a capacity of 15,000 people. Running along the center of The Arena project is a bustling pedestrian street day and night and the two sides are the system of commercial centers, restaurants, fast food, food Street food. Sea Foot Seafood Market is a place where visitors can enjoy shopping, enjoy themselves or prepare dishes typical of the region or immerse into the bustling street stage.

The Arena Cam Ranh is also much more prominent thanks to the Olympic 500m swimming pool along the coast of three levels: hot mineral floor, fresh water and saltwater floor. This is one of the places where many fun activities such as canoeing, surfing, water ballet, dolphin circus combined with high-end pool bar and many other activities taking place.

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