Condotel Panorama Nha Trang – profitable investment channel

In 2015, there had many huge fluctuations in the market of investment channels. The interest rate at bank is low so it is no longer attractive, gold prices are at the lowest level in the past 5 years, stock market is not for amateurs. Only real estate market is the most attractive and safe investment channel at the current time.

In 2016, the real estate market had witnessed the good start of many real estate segments, of which Condotel is the dominant segment. In 2016, Condotel had received strong investment and so far this segment has still attracted investors.

Capturing this new investment trend, Nha Trang Bay Joint Stock Company has invested in Condotel Panorama Nha Trang. With the outstanding advantages of this project, it will be certainly an attractive profitable investment channel for anyone desiring to own. The following article will analyze about the project.

  1. What is Condotel?

Before learning about the characteristics of the project, you should understand what Condotel is? Condoetel is a combination of two types of real estate, has function of a hotel and the function of an apartment. In particular, hotel function is that it owns a reservation system and other hotel services such as swimming pool, health club, night club, restaurant, shops, mail service and 24/24 room service. Different feature of Condotel is that it allows guests to completely own the apartment for vacation and rental. Condotel apartment function is that it is designed with, living room, bedroom, kitchen with full cooking utensils so that guest can go to the market and experience the lifestyle as in their own house. However, Condotel differs from conventional condominiums in that it requires a unit to manage and operate the rental and daily operations of the hotel.

Condotel model is becoming a trend of resort real estate around the world because of its “double benefits”, including investment – resort – rental and exchanges with affiliated resorts in other countries. Owning a condotel, you will not only have great vacations at luxurious second home but it also brings steady profit and high profitability for you.

  1. Why is Codotel Panorama Nha Trang attractive?

All Condotel projects are located at the seaside and Condotel Panorama Nha Trang is no exception. The project owns a beautiful location known as the heart of Nha Trang city with elliptical design making the most of natural view.

Panorma Nha Trang has front view of Nha Trang sea and center square; The back side looks toward Tram Huong Tower – the symbol of Nha Trang city and the whole city. This location takes advantage of the beautiful view, maximizing the sun and wind.

The major difference of the Panorama Nha Trang resort apartment complex lies in its flexible operation models meeing the diverse investment demands of its customers. When owning Panorama Nha Trang Resort apartment, customers can choose from three models: condotel model, ,resort apartment to live or self-manage and to rent. Specifically, after receiving the apartment, if the owner does not want to live, it can be entrusted to the operating management for rental and profit sharing.

Customers can also choose a self-managed model and search for rental customers. This is a new model and Panorama Nha Trang is the first project in Vietnam allowing customers to choose flexibly. With the increasingly diversified system of reservation services (such as airbnb), customers can determine by their own on the exploitation of their property without depending on the time and conditions given by the managing unit.

These models not only make the difference of Panorama Nha Trang, but also bring investment efficiency and high liquidity for each apartment.

Nha Trang tourism will continue to develop in the future and it is certainly that owning a Condotel Panorama Nha Trang hotel apartment will be a lucrative investment channel for all customers.

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