Construction Of Mini Apartment For Rent – New Investment Trend Of Sai Thanh Real Estate

Along with the increasing demand for accommodation, the trend of building mini apartments for rent on a widespread and explosive outbreak in the real estate market. Ho Chi Minh City, originating from the central area and quickly spread to the coastal areas.

According to the survey, the real estate investment market in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City has a strong development in the popular segment high. In particular, in the type of mini apartments for rent is considered a great increase.

The type of apartment for rent is considered to be a great increase in investment trends in the property market in HCMC.

Hotspot development of mini apartments for rent

In HCMC market Ho Chi Minh City, the type of real estate for rent mainly in the East – South, typically 2, 4, 7, 9, and especially in Binh Thanh.

Binh Thanh – The capital of the mini apartment for rent

It is known that in the past two years, there are many mini apartments built for the purpose of rent to serve the needs of many people. In particular, the Binh Thanh apartment mini market proved to be more active. This place is called the capital of this type. Binh Thanh District’s mini-apartments are mushrooming for lease because this is considered a safe investment channel. After buying the land, investors immediately built this type of housing. Many villas, townhouses on Me Linh street have been knocked down, newly built or converted into mini apartments for rent to foreigners.

building mini apartment for rent

Binh Thanh is considered the capital of investment mini apartment for rent

Besides, around Thao Dien, Phu My Hung, there are also many low price mini apartment projects offered with the commitment to lease with attractive profit and record extremely high liquidity.

It can be seen that besides the target of buying for the living, the accumulation of assets, the investment in the mini apartment rental to enjoy the promise of leasing from investors is becoming more and more popular in the real estate market Sai City.

Who will invest in building mini apartments for rent?

It is easy to see that not only the private investors but also the mini apartments for rent that businesses have boldly enter the wave of investment construction.

However, according to experts of real estate experts said that the phenomenon of many individuals and businesses focus on investing in the mini apartment rental market, which can strongly affect the general development of real estate this segment over the next 2 years. Specifically, the rent will go down, or we can easily afford the cheap mini apartments.

building mini apartment for rent

Plentiful supply in the future creates competition that may cause rents to fall

Although the investment wave of mini rental apartments has attracted the participation of many target groups, the market has mainly identified two groups of people:

The first group consists of real estate investors in the form of surfing. They are in the form of buying and selling in the market when the market changes to help them make a profit. In a simpler way, for this group, the investment objective of a mini apartment rental is secondary because they will sell the property as soon as the expected price is reached, which may be very early.

The second group is the middle and long-term asset investors. In other words, they are pure investors. Their purpose is to accumulate value. Therefore, this group of interests and expectations when investing in the mini apartment is good to rent plus the opportunity to increase the investment price.

building mini aparmtent for rent

What the investors are interested in is the good price plus the opportunity to increase the investment price

The development of the type of rental apartment although meeting the essential needs of the housing market. However, the downside is that the investment boom also entails greater supply than demand. Since then, there are many issues of competition and price. At present, it may be potential, but in the future, who can guarantee that investing mini apartments for rent is a trend?

Above are some analysis and evaluation of on the investment market of mini apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. Hope this article will help you readers have a more objective view of this investment channel in the present and future!

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