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Construction progress of Xuan Mai Complex is ahead of schedule thanks to modern technology

Construction progress of Xuan Mai Complex is ahead of schedule thanks to modern technology

Xuan Mai Complex was roofed top  in early May, 2017, finishing the constructional phase and go into the finishing phase, recorded over 4 months ahead of progress.

The fact that Xuan Mai Corp is both owner and general contractor for the project is the advantage affecting the progress as well as the quality of construction and the sale price. Investors have mobilized the maximum of machinery, modern technology, good materials and high quality construction resources involved in the developing of the project.

Especially, with the mastery and application of the world’s leading advanced construction technologies, which is pre-stressed concrete technology and Acotec panel technology, Xuan Mai Corp has shortened the construction schedule as well as quality as committed to customers.

The representative of the investor shared: “Following the success of previous projects, Xuan Mai Complex is currently one of the key projects of Xuan Mai Corp. The application of modern technology makes the construction process become quicker, so on average only about 5 days we have completed a floor. We are always determined to achieve the goal of the Board of Directors about the quality and progress of the project, affirming Xuan Mai brand in the real estate market.

Located on prime location of To Huu street, right at the gateway of Duong Noi new urban area, Xuan Mai Complex inherits its synchronous and modern infrastructure. With the concept of Singapore’s modern and sophisticated urban areas, the project is a complex of two 25-floor  blocks named L and K with nearly 700 apartments in a large area with lots of greenery, walking paths, swimming pool, amusement park for adults and children.

All apartments are designed in a scientific way, increasing the loggia area and airy space, bright areas, bringing light, sun, natural wind throughout the room.

In addition to advantage of construction progress, Xuan Mai Complex also attract customers with flexible payment schedule divided into 5 phases.

Although the project has come to the finishing stage, customers only need to pay the first phase of 20% of the apartment value. The remaining  can receive loan from BIDV Ha Tay with 0% interest rate for 12 months.

Thus, with the progress of home delivery committed by the owner, customers can rest assured to receive home without paying interest for the bank.

On the contrary, customers paying by their own capital will be entitled to a discount of 2% on the value of the apartment (VAT included and maintenance excluded).

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The owner said it will also discount 1% when customers immediately pay 95% of apartment value right after signing the sale contract.

In addition, Xuan Mai Complex is currently implementing the program ” to receive gold as soon as buy apartment “. Accordingly, customers buying Xuan Mai Complex apartments has the opportunity to win a special prize of 1 tael of gold and many prizes worth nearly 100 million.

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