Construction technologies behind Waterina Suites

Compared with the large apartment projects in Thanh My Loi in particular and District 2 in general, it can be seen that the technology and construction technology at the Waterina Suites project is the most different.

Waterproofing Technology – Executed by First Kakoh

First Kakoh was established in Vietnam in 2001. At Waterina Suites, the owner has put into use Para – Easy waterproofing (waterproofing and coating) and Paratex TH (waterproofing elastic, water resistance, good adhesion, weather resistance, chemical resistance) with quality from Japan.

Wall technology flat

  • Waterina Suites uses the Samurai wall from the Nohara supplier
  • Samurai Panel is a lightweight concrete mix consisting of Portland cement and EPS, mixed with chemicals and compressed with calcium silicate cement board.
Main component of the panel Samurai

Main component of the panel Samurai

Benefits of Samural Panel

  • Light weight: Because of their light weight, the wall made of Samurai panels is good for structural calculation and reducing construction costs.
  • Sound insulation: Sound insulation level is higher than normal block AAC block
  • Reduced structural damage: The Samurai panel is not easily broken and can be customized according to project requirements. Therefore, the panel does not create enough space for the building.
  • Rapid Construction (Over 30sqm/ day): With the same number of employees, the productivity of the Samurai panel is four times higher than the AAC Block.
  • Sturdy and durable (over 40kg / sqcm): High quality of materials and production processes create a solid and durable product. The Samurai panel is also easy to nail and withstand heavy weight.
  • Fire resistance (over 120 minutes): The panel will fire more than 2 hours. This product has no harmful gases and the emissions are minimal.

Aluminum Glass Door Technology – Executed by Fuji Sash

Advantages of aluminum glass door technology:

  • Wind pressure: Class (S-2) will not deform or rupture under pressure of 120kgf / m2 (equivalent to wind power of 44m / s).
  • Watertightness: W-4 means rain can not flow through windows when rainfall is 240mm per hour and wind power is 23m / s.
  • Airtightness: Level A-4 means that only about 2m3 of air is added to the room with winds of 4m / s. Winds of 4m / s are equivalent to wind that can blow leaves and dry trees.
  • Sound proof: T-1 glass door can be good sound insulation from 75dB (off the road) to 50dB (silence in the room).
Aluminum-glass door technology

Aluminum-glass door technology helps to withstand wind pressure and good sound insulation

Pile foundation technology – Executed by Phan Vu – Japan Pile

  • The foundation of the Waterina Suites project is managed in Japanese style by Japanese staff.
  • Vietnamese staff involved in the pile foundation have completed training at Japan Pile (Project Management)
  • All drilling holes are tested with ammeter
  • Check all pile welds (by magnetic method)
  • Control the amount of cement and water by automatic system
  • Check the specific gravity of cement mortar volume
Engineers, construction workers at the Waterina Suites project

Engineers, construction workers at the Waterina Suites project

Air Conditioning Technology – The solution comes from Daikin

  • The solution is to regulate the home with only 1 to 2 hot heads, even when there are 5 rooms
  • Create harmony with the interior and the variety of indoor units
  • Maximize the area of ​​the outdoor unit
  • Maximum comfort for indoor space
  • Connect up to 5 indoor units, depending on the size of the apartment.

Toilet Technology and Equipment – The solution comes from TOTO

Toilet with automatic washing system:

  • Heating function with multiple temperature control
  • Multiple modes of water temperature control
  • 2 pre-wash modes, after washing
  • Adjust the tap position
  • Adjustable temperature for drying, water and toilet seat
  • Massage mode with the spout to move back and forth
  • Deodorization is activated automatically after each use
  •  Construction technologies behind Waterina Suites
Toilet equipment at Waterina Suites comes from TOTO brand

Toilet equipment at Waterina Suites comes from TOTO brand


  • Design with appropriate depth
  • Non-slip surface
  • Convenient with headrest rest

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