Creates The Attractiveness Of New Urban Areas

The state of urban development is fragmented by the current “oil spill” and does not bring about high investment efficiency, leading to the connection of technical infrastructure and traffic asynchronous, disrupt planning and may be repeating the risk of overloading the infrastructure as the existing downtown.

Wanted to win, the State must go first

The inventory of land in 2014 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shows that of the 33.1 million hectares of natural land in the country, the land area used by the people is 26.8 million ha (accounting for 81.08%), the land allocated by the State to the management is 6.2 million ha (18.92%). As such, Vietnam has virtually no “empty land” to be able to “reclaim hatcheries”, while population density is the highest in the world. The land is becoming scarce, a warning from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. In that context, HCMC needs to re-plan space, utilize and tap the best available land for urban development.


The urban sprawl in Ho Chi Minh City derives from the planning and investment spread.

PhD. Vo Kim Cuong said the status of urban development scattered in the city comes from the spreading planning and investment. “Government planners and authorities are quite subjective when planning multi-center plots, thinking that the new urban areas will be automatically populated and investors will return. However, in fact, the market is the one to make the decision; the place where is cheap and has many benefits will attract people. Besides, the management of land use and investment in accordance with the planning is not resolute, leading to the situation of breaking the planning and then adjust the planning accordingly”, Cuong analyzed. Urban development in the style of “oil spill” has led to unsecured infrastructure, traffic jam.

Therefore, in order to develop a change in planning thinking, it is necessary to determine the center of traffic axes, while the planning area must take into account the harmony between the urban development and demand of people. Since then, zoning planning and diverging implementation, special attention should be made to avoid overlapping urbanization because it is difficult to compensate as well as call for investment in the present time and near future.

Urban development along the traffic axis

The Department of Planning and Architecture has reviewed and consulted departments and localities on the implementation of the master plan for the construction of Ho Chi Minh City up to 2025. In general, the situation of new centers slowed down. It is not attractive to invest in a common cause of infrastructure, especially traffic system, not the synchronous investment, poor connectivity. Therefore, the redevelopment and development of urban areas and residential areas in new CBDs should be controlled to limit the development of “oil spills”, through policy research that encourages the development of the “string”, “beam” associated with the public transport system.


HCMC needs to identify areas with large reserves of land, with few inhabitants, to build large-scale urban areas

The Department of Planning and Architecture proposes a model of urban development along the public transport corridor, which is a new trend contributing to the development of dynamics and the convenient connection between urban centers and sub-centers. Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City should identify areas with large reserves of land and the small population to build large urban areas. These new urban development areas will be associated with large transport corridors, which will combine public transportation routes.

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