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Customers experience the reality at The Tresor and RiverGate

Customers experience at the project

Over the past few weeks, there have been hundreds of customers visiting the real estate of The Tresor and RiverGate Residence projects, located in Ben Van Don (District 4) – the nearest contiguous street. City Financial Center HCM.

Throughout the experience, many customers have quickly selected the high value apartments and receive many attractive incentives from investors in the central city. HCM

Ms. Hanh (district 5 – university lecturer) shared: “My sister and I are residents of Novaland, so I know Novaland and more and more confidence when successive projects are handed over. It is not too difficult for me to find a good product at RiverGate Complex, District 4. “

Customers experience at the project
Customers experience at the project

With the experience of apartments in the upcoming projects, customers will have a visual view and more measures to assess more objectively real estate investment.

“With two Office-tel products investing in RiverGate right in the city center, I am profitable right now and now the value of the property has increased day by day. “tour” so I am eager to register to see The Tresor always, the location is ideal, “view” the Saigon River is empty, unfortunately the apartment I have had guests so I leave information waiting for the transfer, “Ms.Loan, an investor shared.

Roof topping ceremony at The Tresor
Roof topping ceremony at The Tresor

Not only have the advantages of central location, diversified product types, the construction progress of the two projects further added peace of mind to the guests: RiverGate is constructing the body and The Tresor has the roof May 24, 2017.

From May 28, 2017, Orchard Garden (128 Hong Ha, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District) – another project in the West of Novaland City also began to invite guests to experience real living space.

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