Customers state reasons why they selected to buy Charmington Iris Apartment in district 4

The main and important reasons why customers choose Charmington Iris in District 4 apartment are the location, economic potential and modern facilities.

According to the majority of customers, from the first day of opening for sell of apartments in Charmington Iris project of Sacomreal Group on the market, they have consulted information on social media to know about the time of commencement, hand over time, or the owner of the project. Then, customers will find out whether Charmington Iris project convenes all three criteria: “Near market, near river, near major street” should they sign sales contract with the investor.

  1. Location of Charmington Iris in District 4 convened three criteria “Near market, near river, near major street”. What customers pay much attention to a high-end apartment project is not only attractive price but also the location of the project. If choosing apartments in the projects scattered among the districts such as District 7, District 8, District 5, luxury apartments in District 4 always have their own attraction. The social situation in District 4 is stable, economy, politics and culture all strongly develop with modern living but not as hasty and noisy as other districts.

Ton That Thuyet Street is considered as a prime location and is an investment opportunity to yield profit faster and more efficiently than other districts when the initial price of apartment projects is not high and pushing price when the project is completed. So, deposit and own Charmington Iris apartment right from the time on the paper is the chance for success for future owners.

  1. Great economic potential when owning Charmington Iris apartment in district 4 right now

When buying Charmington Iris apartment you have held the golden opportunity because this high-end apartment project is located right in the heart of district 4, the “green lung” of the city with natural, healthy and stable habitat. Sacomreal investors have the right orientation when designing and constructing the Charmington Iris apartment project because the frontage of the Sai Gon River is convenient for both the careers and the health.

It is convenient to move to other central districts such as District 7, District 5, District 1 and other provinces outside the city, so you are no longer feel frustrated when moving far distance or traffic jam after working hours or heavy rain. Charmington Iris Apartments are also considered as a high economic potential when living in the heart of the city, close to the hospital system, so it is easy to take care of relatives, take medical examination and treatment at the most modern and quality health centers.

The customer explained clearly the reason for choosing to buy Charmington Iris apartment in District 4 when we interviewed them on opening day for sale of apartment in phase 2 of 2017 and received quite a lot of contracts deposited to buy apartment with different areas. Some people buy Charmington Iris apartments for profit-making , while some people buy to live and also make property for their children after spending idle money investing in various financial channels such as bank deposit, stock purchase and real estate investment.

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