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D1 Mension apartment with 5-star luxurious utilities system

D1 Mension apartment

The safe utilities create the level of D1 Mension Apartment. D1 Mension Apartment is one of the Singapore standard 6-star projects that is being put high expectations by Capitaland and is highly rated by real estate. This is a high rise building located in the heart of District 1, attracting a lot of domestic and international customers.

Besides scientific planning and designing, large scale, D1 Mension Apartments also show its attractiveness in the safe high-end facilities that very few projects have.

Living environment is full of green trees, fresh air and safety is what any citizen living in Saigon dreamed of Because Saigon city is very crowded, there are many consequences as a result of urban development, including pollution and insecurity, social evils.

Regardless of how is the quality of the apartment, the safety is not guaranteed absolutely, it is certainly not highly appreciated, because in addition to experience the utilities of the project, everyone all want to live in peaceful space, free from social evils.

Other projects may be lacking of interest about this matter, but with D1 Mension Apartment, you can rest assured because the project’s investor is a “real estate tycoon” reputation in Singapore and Vietnam on security for the residents, so D1 Mension Apartment is invested with safe utilities just like the Serenity Sky Villa.

  1. Protected posts present everywhere, 24/7 camera:

Whereas other projects just have a few security posts inside the campus, security posts of D1 Mension Apartment are set up from the “outer ring”, ie at the gate. Of course, there is also a full range of interior security posts to ensure maximum security, it is hardly no suspicious strangers enter into the campus, so you can rest assured that no bad guys will penetrate into the building.

Not only that, 24/7 camera system will increase the safety of residents. Looting, fraud or social evil are inaccessible to the apartment, as it will be detected by the camera immediately. You can take a leisurely walk on the internal road and walk around the house with a comfortable mind.

  1. Magnetic lock at the lobby of D1 Mension Apartment:

At the lobby of the building, the investor and the partner also set up the security magnetic lock system. This is a measure to help prevent the worst possible situation for residents living in the D1 Mension Apartment, where external security posts are “uncovered” (very rarely).

By adding a layer of “security” like this, have you felt safer and more peaceful when living in the apartment yet? If you think it still not enough yet, then the safety amenities below will help you feel more comfortable.

  1. The D1 Mension apartment has three-function intelligent lock

The three-function intelligent lock system is a modern technology application, with this kind of lock, you are assured that your apartment will be protected equivalent to the “impregnable fortress”. No one can break this solid door other than you, and only you.

The privacy of the residents in the apartment will be absolutely assured. You do not have to be afraid of someone coming into your house, and take your property away from the city. At D1 Mension you will experience life without worry.

In addition to the above safety facilities, the D1 Mension Apartment also proves its international 6-star class in the following great advantages:

–  Being installed full backup power system in the whole project, even if there is a power outage, your life will not be disturbing, electricity is still full for all activities.

– Modern, clean and safe water filtration system, you can drink water directly from the tap without boiling to cool.

– The shuttle bus service makes it easy to travel and not have to worry about transportation.

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– A series of other attractive utilities to ensure the maximum demand for life such as a complex of commercial centers, entertainment areas, sports facilities, swimming pools, garden parks, restaurants, coffee shop, spa, …

Hope that the above mentioned about D1 Mension Apartment will help you to better imagine the upper class life here. Currently, the Block River View is open for sale, you can order from now to choose a good location and enjoy the preferential price.

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