Da Nang discovered a series of construction violations

Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee assigned Hai Chau District People’s Committee, Son Tra to handle violations and request the owner to dismantle.

On 2 March , according to the law of Ho Chi Minh City, January 16, Vu Quang Hung (Director of Da Nang Construction Department) has sent a letter to Da Nang People’s Committee for comments to conduct The series of construction works in violation.

According to the report of the Department of Construction, this is the result of the inspection after the Standing Committee of the City People’s Council directed and under the supervision of the City Council Danang. In particular, most of the violating works are hotels, restaurants and coastal Hai Chau center.

Violation of the parking area, the building of additional function room in the basement, the building of the first floor is not the content of the license granted, has not been accepted into the history. use ….

Specifically, 8 out of 14 works have been added to the basement, the first floor is not in accordance with the license, such as the construction of temporary storage, working rooms, Meanwhile, under the license this is the parking area.

In addition, some of the buildings have been built up to the technical floor, the roof, changing the use of the restaurant area into the bedroom …

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Quee’n & King’s Palace will be handled this time.

On the above violations, on February 22, Huynh Duc Tho (chairman of Danang People’s Committee) sent a letter to direct the handling as proposed by the Department of Construction.

Accordingly, for projects that violate parking area, the Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee assigned People’s Committee of Hai Chau district, Son Tra to handle violations and request the owner to dismantle the refund in accordance with the granted construction permit.

“In case of not dismantling, the chairman of the district People’s Committee promptly directs the enforcement of dismantlement according to regulations,” Mr. Tho requested.

For other construction works which do not affect the compulsory standards and do not violate construction boundaries, they shall not affect neighboring works without any dispute and shall be built on the land under their jurisdiction. It is legal under Decree 180. Mr. Tho assigned Department of Construction to inspect and sanction administrative violations. At the same time, consideration shall be given to the existence and additional application of remedies for each specific case as provided for in Clause 13, Article 9 of Decree No. 121, forcing the surrender of illegal profits equal to 50% The value of the wrong construction.


F-Home Apartment (Da Nang Food Joint Stock Company) will also be disposed of. Picture: LE PHI

According to the law of Ho Chi Minh City, 14 works in violation include:

  1. Quee’n & King’s Palace Restaurant (Kim Do Joint Stock Company;
  2. 4U Palace Restaurant (Binh Giang Co., Ltd., the location of the park to the monument, road 2-9).
  3. Luxtery Hotel (Thai Phu Tai Trading and Service Co., Ltd., 136 Pham Van Dong).
  4. White Swan Restaurant (Ngan Tram Co., Ltd, 1 Dinh Thi Hoa, An Hai Bac, Son Tra).
  5. Hadana Boutique Hotel (Bao Lam Phuong Trading and Service Joint Stock Company, plot location 04,05,06 Pham Van Dong, Son Tra).
  6. Nesta Hotel (Joint Stock Company No. 216 in Da Nang, Block 06.07-H2 Pham Van Dong Street).
  7. Grand Sea Hotel (Hoang Son Construction Co., Ltd, Ha Bong, Son Tra).
  8. Truong Son Tung Hotel (Truong Son Tung Trade Service Co., Ltd.
  9. Ocean Haven Hotel (Bach Dang Trading & Services Co., 295 Ho Nghinh, Son Tra).
  10. Seven Seven Sea Hotel (Ly Bang Tourism and Trading Co., Ltd., 150 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra).
  11. SeKong Hotel (Sekong Wood Co., Ltd., 152 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra).
  12. Paracel Hotel (Thanh Van Trading and Construction JSC., 204 Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra).
  13. Fusien Suites Hotel (Bao Phuoc Joint Stock Company, location 56, Vo Nguyen Giap, Son Tra).
  14. F-Home Apartment (Da Nang Food Joint Stock Company, location 16 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hai Chau).

Previously, the Department of Construction Da Nang city is also advised Danang People’s Committee issued a decision to sanction a series of hotels in Son Tra district has not been tested but still blatantly put to use such as: Diamond Sea Hotel; Sea Front Hotel; Le Hoang Beach Hotel; Truong Son Hotel 2; Nirvana hotel; Valentine Hotel; North West Hotel; Tuan Phong hotel; the Nam Quan Hotel; Sea Casle 2 hotel; Tuong Vi Hotel; Dam Linh hotel; Nice Sea Hotel and Anh Duong 2 Hotel .

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