Da Nang – the place you should go to here

One of the most popular places of interest of young people as well as families on the travel or holiday schedule – Danang is increasingly known.

Why is more and more known Da Nang so probably thanks to the great development of tourism in the city in recent years. The number of tourist arrivals has been increasing steadily in this city, but what they have received here does not disappoint them. Most want to return to this place again because of nature, because of specialties and also because of people here.

a corner of Da Nang City

Danang – an open space, busy, crowded.

“Escaping” is a phrase that is no stranger to young people today, but not all young people do this and not everyone can choose for themselves an ideal escape. Today’s article will introduce you to Danang – a place that will definitely make you want to take his hand to escape immediately or to drag his friends here to juggle jubilantly.

Which time is the most suitable to come to Da Nang?

Danang is located in a very suitable geographic position, space near the sea but not feeling the heat, harsh, tired but the climate is extremely cool. The best time to choose a travel destination is in the summer, starting at the end of May.

At this time, visitors can enjoy the cool summer feeling, enjoy the fresh sea food, liven up the water in the stretched white sand beaches, immense coastline do not see the end point. , aspire to the horizon.

Do not stop there so come here, you also have a lot of things to do like:

You must go and check in at:

Ba Na Hill Tourist – Mount Vong Nguyet Hill Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda, Shakyamuni shrine, Old French stables, Nghinh Phong peak, Le Nim villa, Vong Nguyet villa. Visit FANTASY PARK – The 3rd largest indoor recreation area in the world

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill – go to the soul with the mountains, explore the interesting

Han River turnpike, shopping center, food court.

Visit Hoi An Ancient Town with: Japanese Bridge Pagoda, Sa Huynh Culture Museum, Centennial Old House, Phuoc Kien Coffee House & Handicraft Factory – enjoy traditional music

Go to Son Tra Peninsula to visit Linh Ung

Guests also have to try the special dishes of Danang:

Pork rolls

High floor





Seafood is very fresh

Culinary culture

Culinary culture – An indispensable thing in Hoi An

If only 3 days 2 nights to travel in Da Nang what do you definitely have to do?

Surely now you are wondering how long the time will be enough to visit, play all Da Nang in his travel. Long time to play is sure to be good but not everyone can “escape” so much time. The minimum time you can not regret for your trip to Da Nang at least 3 days 2 nights.

But with just such a time, you definitely need a very standard schedule and do not spend too much time neglecting the nameless time. It is best to choose a tour that suits you best so that the tour guide helps you schedule and guide you in the most specific and obvious places of interest. It does not take long to find the way to save time. If you do not want to tie specific time or uncomfortable to follow the tour please refer to and up for yourself a detailed schedule nhé. Make sure when you get home you do not regret where you have not gone or what specialty you have not tasted once on the trip.


How much is the cost for trips to Da Nang?

Going out to play but economic sure to be strong too, right? So choosing the most delicious place for your trip is a necessity. Your most reasonable trip will cost between 3 and 5 million to comfortably “bung silk” for the day of his escape. To ensure the best of this you should choose your own tour to avoid being scolded for expensive cars or expensive shopping will make the trip fun and pale lost space of the “escape” ”

The cost is not too difficult to prepare or prepare for this trip with what you have seen firsthand, admire yourself and enjoy yourself and more importantly have a great time with people. He forgets all the frustrations that frustrate the joy of playing, living the best. What a desirable place, a trip is welcome.

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