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Da Nang real estate: ecohousing is developing in the south

Nam Hoa Xuan ecological urban area

Da Nang real estate market is in the development stage with diversified types to bring the best choice for customers.

Da Nang is in the most exciting period of the real estate market. Besides the resort projects, the urban ecology, hotels, … in this city are also very attractive buyers.

These projects are developed with international standards. Diverse services and add-ons and prospects for future development.

the opportunities and challenges of the retail property market in Da Nang
Da Nang has many high-class projects have been deployed and received special attention of investors

The appeal of ecological housing

It has many advantages, such as modern living space, freshness, close to nature. This is the trend of investment and development of residential real estate is very popular in many countries around the world.

Da Nang – The most desirable city in Vietnam is full of conditions suitable to develop the type of resort. As the terrain of rivers, mountains, sea, fresh climate, friendly residents, … This is definitely the best area to form and develop urban ecological model, international standards.

According to the urban development strategy of the city, by 2020, the vision of 2030. Southern area will be the city oriented to develop into a true green city.

Beside the historical, cultural, garden houses, … are kept. In addition, there are natural scenery, favorable climate, … are the most suitable conditions for urban ecological model formation and they bring a new look, modern and class for Da Nang.

The high-end hotels
Green projects are the main current trend of investors when building urban ecology

At present, the south-east of Da Nang has advantages in terms of terrain, land, flat terrain and land funds are many. Already selected by many investors for the implementation of urban eco-level projects.

Cause the attraction of eco housing in Da Nang.

Explain the attraction of eco-housing in Da Nang at this point. Tran Ngoc Thanh, General Director of Central Green Land Joint Stock Company, commented: Da Nang’s real estate market has a clear demarcation of the area.

When the products in the south develop based on factors available from nature such as rivers, seas, mountains, … Make the most of the natural factors to form urban areas, resort quality high volume.

Such favorable conditions should have many investors poured capital in the North. This is a convenient opportunity for customers who want to find the ideal residence, for long-term residence.

Or even investors are considering which real estate products will be profitable in the future. Green eco-urban projects are inevitable.

Da Nang real estate market has a clear demarcation of the area.
Da Nang real estate market has a clear demarcation of the area.

In the list of the most anticipated projects, the last impression was impressed with 1,000 products of ecological villas. All contracts are closed after one month of sale. The eco-urban area of ​​Nam Hoa Xuan (Ngu Hanh Son district) has become the brightest star in the sky of Da Nang ecological market.

A place to settle, a project can be profitable.

Nam Hoa Xuan international eco-urban area is one of the two ecological urban projects implemented by Sun Group – One of the leading real estate developers in Vietnam.

The project was officially opened for sale in the first phase in May. And just after 30 minutes of the first sale day, there were 200 eco-villas quickly owned.

Its heat does not stop there, one month after the first sale. Up to 1,000 products were lined up to hand over to customers. This has made this project stand out in both Da Nang and Central Vietnam.

Located in the heart of Danang city center. This urban area possesses a unique location with four facades: main street and Han River.

The project is located on the road linking with the most attractive tourist, entertainment and entertainment areas in Da Nang such as: Sports Village, University Village, Ngu Hanh Son Tourist Area, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ba Na Hill …

Nam Hoa Xuan ecological urban area
Nam Hoa Xuan ecological urban area – the most prominent project in the prominent segment in Da Nang market

Not only owning a prime location at the center, the project also has a unique architectural design by the famous international brand SaLa Design Group implementation.

The construction density of this site is very low, accounting for only 22% of the total area of ​​the project. Including the main subdivisions include: luxury villas, cultural parks, entertainment areas, commercial centers, schools, hospitals … The remaining area is all for green space, water surface and advanced facilities included.

Despite having such advantages, according to information from the official distribution unit – Sunland Company, the price of each land plot of 100 sqm in this urban ecological area is approximately VND600 million.

In addition to offering a competitive price and extremely attractive sales policy. Sunland Real Estate Company also advises clients on the details of the project. To help the psychological of the customer, want a great apartment, comfortable, class that affordable.

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