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Da Nang Tunnel Under The West Han Bridge

Danang tunnel under the West Han bridge

In the morning of April 30th, the underground tunnel of the Han River was officially put into operation for the people’s travel as scheduled.

The plan for traffic organization at the intersection of the Han River Bridge is to maintain one-way traffic on Tran Phu Street from the Administrative Center to the Dragon Bridge.

Specifically, the section of the road and sealed tunnel is for vehicles going straight from the administrative procedure to the Dragon Bridge, except vehicles with a height of over 3.5m; the left way is for the vehicles to turn left in the direction of administrative procedures to Bach Dang Street or Han River Bridge; the right way is for vehicles to turn right towards the direction of Thua Thien Hue to Hue junction, go straight THHC direction of Dragon Bridge.

Danang tunnel under the West Han bridge
The tunnel of the tunnel in the Han river bridge (Da Nang) was officially put into use to minimize congestion

For Le Duan Street, Han River bridge still retains traffic organization as the previous status. The road on the two Han River bridge still exists between the organization of traffic from Tran Phu to Bach Dang as the status.

After the traffic, the PMU will coordinate with the concerned units to monitor traffic in the node to adjust (if any) accordingly.

According to the record, underground tunnel under the Han River Bridge officially put into operation at 5 am on April 30th at 10:30 am, although the traffic to Da Nang is very crowded the traffic on the West Han River bridge is no longer in the status of the traffic jam as before.

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