Decorating Your House By 10 Trends In The End Of 2016

Use dark stainless steel kitchen cabinets

10 trends home beauty last year

Instead of using light stainless steel cabinets and sparkling, the end of the year is when you should replace the kitchen with stainless steel dark. This tip will make your kitchen space more luxurious and more novelty

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Using patterned furniture

10 trends home beauty last year

A bit of interior design will create a new and different way in your family at the end of the year, especially the furniture with floral motifs. You can replace the coat for your old sofa set with striking patterned outerwear, or use a patterned drapes that are a good idea

Add highlights with contrasting furniture

10 trends home beauty last year

An elegant room with white furniture is probably a popular trend. However, you can create extra accents for the room by using some of the colorful furniture, such as a black or brown microwave oven. You will definitely be surprised by this contrast effect

Add creativity to the mirror

10 trends home beauty last year

Most people when installing mirrors in the bathroom often choose a flat rectangular mirror. However, if you want your bathroom to become fancy and break the way, replace the rectangular mirror with mirrors decorated with strange shapes and different patterns

Equipped with automatic toilet toilet clever

10 trends home beauty last year

Intelligent toilet bridges are the most prominent appliances in 2016. With this widget, you can be completely assured of the hygiene issues in your home. Just a few steps, the water from the toilet will automatically spray and clean completely quickly and comfortably

Limitations to electronic devices in the living room

10 trends home beauty last year

It seems everyone wants to put all the electronic equipment into their living room to serve the optimum for daily life. However, the trend of home beauty last year was that the room as little as possible. When you step into a little room, you will feel more comfortable and comfortable, and people will spend more time together instead of just plugging into electronic devices

Gaze the pillow from the wood fiber

10 trends home beauty last year

Rather than using traditional bedding pillows, many families prefer to use pillowcases made from wood fibers or palm fiber. These special pillows will bring cool feeling when used

Decorating the bathroom as beautiful as the living room

10 trends home beauty last year

If your bathroom space is wide, why not try putting a small set of tables and chairs in there, then put a small flower basket on the table, which not only makes the bathroom feel more relaxing, but also creates difference for your house

House impressed by colorful rainbow

10 trends home beauty last year

Using light interiors interwoven with each other will form a unique rainbow-like color spectrum. This is considered a breakthrough in housing design by the end of this year. Certainly your home looks more impressive with vibrant rainbow colors from bookcases, double beds or doors

Installing glazed accessories

10 trends home beauty last yearIn previous years, the trend of home beauty often used metal accessories. However, this year, enamelled accessories are very popular.

Here are 10 trends to beautify home for the end of 2016, in addition, you can also think of ways to beautify home to feel the best. Follow Vietnam Real Estate regularly updates more beauty trends!

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