Decoration The Wrong Way – Dangerous Utopia!

Improving the kitchen interior not only affects the aesthetics of the house, but also the risk to the health as well as the owner.

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The kitchen is the warmest place of the house, where all the members reunite after a hard working day. According to the concept of the ancient, every kitchen of the family has three gods Apples – two he, a grandmother, governing the kitchen and determine the merit of the family. However, it is not possible to mention the elements of worship, but the layout of the kitchen is also scientific, convenient to use and important to not be committed to feng shui theory to develop financially.

Basic kitchen furniture faults

Although the kitchen interior layout is so important, for various reasons families still have very basic faults in the location of the equipment. This makes the aesthetics of the space decrease, the cook encounters many difficulties in the process of using, even affect the health, the owner’s money.

Decorate the kitchen

Improving the kitchen interior will affect the health and well-being of the family

– To the kitchen opposite the toilet: Families often arrange this to save space without knowing that this can be harmful to health. A toilet is a place where many bacteria can enter the food and enter the human body. Moreover, there will be times when the toilet will smell unpleasant, affecting the meal of the whole family.

– Incorrect kitchen layout: For example, putting the sink too close to the stove, putting it in the fridge, makes cooking difficult. Some families also set a mirror in the kitchen to expand the space but accidentally turned the kitchen into a “fire god”, which is not good for feng shui. The heat from the kitchen sometimes breaks down the mirror, which is a sign of omission in the notion of the Vietnamese.

– Kitchen stove by the window: Put more windows in the kitchen will make space airier, but few people notice the layout of the kitchen near the window to blow the fire out of the cooking process. The smell of food will also be blown out by the outside wind to make the house smell bad.

– For the door to look directly into the kitchen: According to feng shui theory, the kitchen must be taboo not to reveal. So arranging the front door with the kitchen is a feng shui kitchen.

Decorate the kitchen

Leaving the door looking straight into the kitchen is a violation of feng shui

– Put the kitchen right next to the bed: This layout makes the bed is always the smell of unpleasant odors. Especially in the summer, heat from the kitchen will seriously affect the quality of sleep of the family.

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Kitchen interior design tips feng shui

The instrument has the phrase “rich precious birthday”. The more modern life is full, the more special attention is given to the spiritual elements as well as the aesthetic of the place. In fact, it has also shown the influence of kitchen feng shui to family life. So how to arrange everything in the kitchen is neat, convenient for good feng shui?

Decorate the kitchen

Undeniably, the influence of feng shui kitchen to family life

The kitchen is not too hard, just note that you can also design your own home a cozy kitchen. The basic mistakes in the kitchen interior design process can also be overcome easily.

– For the toilet located opposite the kitchen, if the structure of the house is difficult to change. Homeowners can overcome the situation by placing a pot near the toilet door, which will help prevent odor as well as bacteria from escaping.

– If the door to look directly into the kitchen or put the kitchen next to the bed, should arrange a shelf or partition, both increase the aesthetics, and justify the feng shui kitchen.

– If you place the wrong equipment in the kitchen, homeowners can easily change them according to the application level to facilitate their own.

Decorate the kitchen

Kitchen interior decoration feng shui should be respected

Many families take feng shui seriously, so before building or purchasing a home, they often ask the person who knows about this area to correct the home or interior problems. I think it is also essential for anyone to care for their property.

Feng shui is not superstitious or blind faith. It has been recognized as a special science studying the influence of nature on life, deciding the success of man. Therefore, feng shui in general and feng shui kitchen in particular in any period should receive the respect from the family to have sufficient fortune.

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