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DeLaSol Capitaland – dynamic product

Luxurious, modern furniture of Delasol apartment

 De La Sol project has been launched by investors in District 4 and is considered by customers and investors as one of the most expensive products to attract customers.

 In this article, we will evaluate, provide relevant information about the project – a product created for dynamic young people with high income and success.

 First of all, what is the location of De La Sol?

 District 4 is a landmark, positioned as a prey and golden land, located in the area surrounded by rivers to help bring a living space, lively and brilliant since the time. Project launch information has become the hot spot for the strong investment flow of investors from Singapore.

The location of the De La Sol CapitaLand project makes it easy to travel and transport to the crowded, crowded areas of Saigon such as Thu Thiem; Thao Dien; Phu My Hung; without spending too much time or traveling expenses. At the same time this is also the factor that helps attract customers and investors to this area.

Location of Delasol district 4
The location of De La Sol is located in District 4

 The ability to link the area from the De La Sol project to the surrounding area is quick and convenient when:

+ From the project to District 7, customers only need to go along the Kenh Te route about 5 minutes by car to Phu My Hung urban area.

+ Residents from the project to District 1 where the Bitexco building located just about 7 minutes by car, where convergence of many of the most convenient entertainment items today.

 + And also from the project to District 8; District 3; District 4 about 5 minutes by passing Nguyen Van Cu Bridge.

+ Especially, you will also take 8 minutes to go to District 2; Thu Thiem urban area by way of Thu Thiem tunnel.

From the above information can be seen that the transport infrastructure of District 4 is now quite stable, convenient for all customers. In addition, the green living space of the project by the Saigon River has made the project have cool living space, cool, avoid the sunshine of summer in Saigon.

Living green space within the DelaSol project

  With the above criteria, it can be seen that the De La Sol project has an excellent position so it will be able to generate high profit potential for customers in the future. Not only the potential profit but also the living environment has made the project promises to bring the perfect life for customers, especially the young customers, dynamic life expectancy is bustling right now. in the downtown area.

 Prestige, brand, position of De La Sol project owner

Capitaland is a Singapore based real estate corporation, now expanding to many countries around the world. This company has come to Asia, in Vietnam, the group has been very successful with more than 10 projects of modern scale and achieved many successes, marking the name in the real estate market in Vietnam.

DelaSol project team and partner
DelaSol project team and partner

 Capitaland has a tremendous investment capital of up to S $ 88 billion as of December 31, 2017, and now has a tremendous amount of capital, with a wealth of luxury items: housing; office for rent; commercial center; service apartments; complex funds; investment funds. The group has created 150 cities in 30 countries.

 Capitaland is known for being one of the real estate developers who have had a number of significant market opportunities thanks to standardized designs; effective coordination strategy; … all bring a quality product and the best for customers.

Should customers own De La Sol apartment or not?

De La Sol is located in the land of gold, is planned at the front of Ton That Thuyet street is 25m wide so it will certainly bring the ability to build a modern townhouse project.

Luxurious, modern furniture of Delasol apartment
Luxurious, modern furniture of Delasol apartment

 The trust comes from the reputation of the owner of Capitaland and because the projects that have been successfully implemented are enough to build trust and sense of security for all customers and investors when investing and security. into this real estate project.

 So what is hesitant that customers do not choose a quick apartment for themselves at De La Sol project to settle, invest for the future nhỉ? We will continue to update the information about the project here, customers can also contact our hotline to receive the most specific advice.

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